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A Guide To Caring For Your Console & Accessories

Video game consoles and accessories are anything but cheap. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Xbox fan, passionate PlayStation gamer, or a diehard Nintendo lover; you will likely pay a pretty penny for the console, controllers, games, headset, and more.

Rather than allowing them to sustain wear and tear that can shorten the products’ lifespan, you must care for the technology throughout the years. Read this guide to caring for your console and accessories.


Keep a Console Well-Ventilated

Poor ventilation will shorten your console’s lifespan. Enjoy your Xbox or PlayStation for many years to come by ensuring you don’t place it in a closed environment, as it is likely to overheat. If it does, it will destroy the computer hardware, and you may soon encounter the dreaded red ring of death.

Always place a console on a hard surface to prevent overheating. Never position it on a carpet, as the plush material will absorb heat more than hard surfaces. Place a console on a table or shelf during use and make sure it has plenty of breathing room on each side to improve its airflow.


Quality Controller Grips

Controller grips will not only help your accessories look effortlessly cool, but they will offer an extra layer of protection. For example, these cool grips for Nintendo switch joy con controllers will protect the accessories during gameplay. As you’ll need to use them as fighting sticks, a steering wheel, or a tennis racket, you’re more likely to drop them in the heat of a game. However, the comfortable grip will make it easier to hold onto the accessory, as it is made from slip-resistant material. Plus, if you do drop a controller, the grips will provide an extra barrier of protection that will prevent it from breaking or sustaining significant damage.


Digitally Inscribe Your Information in a Console

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people might be more than happy to break into your home to steal your belongings, and they likely won’t think twice about taking your expensive game console. Improve your chances of the system being returned to you following a theft by digitally inscribing your name and address on the game console. It could help police track the stolen console and catch the thieves.


Download Games and Apps from Trusted Sources

Never download games, videos, or apps from an unknown source to your console or PC. Cybercriminals can package viruses and malware in-game, video, or app downloads, which can damage your console or steal your data. Only download games, apps, and other products from trusted sources, as the gaming industry is expected to become cybercriminals’ next big target.

Also, download antivirus protection onto your console to protect it from various cyberattacks. Don’t underestimate cybersecurity when using any console, whether it’s an Xbox or PlayStation, as modern consoles are now similar to minicomputers, and cybercriminals may use clever tactics to collect your stored personal data.


Invest in Game Console Insurance

Game consoles are expensive, which is why you should consider taking out an insurance policy to protect them. It will provide financial cover if the system is stolen, breaks down, falls victim to a cyberattack, or is accidentally damaged. Thanks to the insurance policy, you can quickly repair or replace your device to return to gaming following an unfortunate accident, theft, or hardware or software issue.


Follow General Cleaning Recommendations

Gaming companies provide general cleaning recommendations to help customers care for a console and help it stand the test of time. For example, if you own an Xbox, the company recommends cleaning the console with a soft lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, which you can lightly dampen with mild soap and water to clean the console exterior. Alternatively, clean the console with a premoistened disinfectant wipe. It is recommended to clean the console every three to six months.


Use a Cleaning CD

The CD/DVD/Blu Ray player is the hardest area to clean in many game consoles, as you must avoid touching the lens that reads the discs, or you may permanently damage it. If it breaks, your console will no longer be able to read games, CDs, or DVDs. Don’t take any chances and use a cleaning CD to care for the console. Insert the CD and allow it to run for a short time to clean the space.

If you follow these top tips, you could protect your console from damage, theft, or a cyberattack. It will allow you to enjoy the console, games, and accessories for many years to come.

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