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How To Make A Passive Income As A Blogger

Every individual’s dream is to get to a point in their life where they do not have to work to earn money but can still afford their lifestyle. Blogging is an excellent way to attain this dream because it enables you to control the amount of work you put into blogging, the time you spend on blogging, and the income you earn from blogging. Passive income is the cash you earn by doing nothing or a small amount of work every day. Therefore, a passive income from blogging is the amount of money you earn from your blog after developing a reliable source of income. Here are various ways of making a passive income as a blogger.

Advertising Networks

An advertising network pays you cash by showing ads to a particular amount of individuals known as CPM (Cost Per Mille). They also pay you for every click on their ads, known as PPC (Pay Per Click). You earn a certain amount of money for every thousand times an ad is viewed on your blog through advertisements. It is the form of promotion that the majority of beginner bloggers use. It enables you to earn a few coins or a few dollars every time an individual views an ad from your blog. 

Google AdSense is one of the most common and effective means of creating a PPC advertisement network. By creating your account, copying and pasting a specific code on your Website pages, Google works on everything else. Despite being fast and straightforward, AdSense does not always work out for all bloggers, but they can use other alternatives to earn their money. These include AdThrive and MediaVine, which are effective in generating more income for your blog.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the procedure of earning an income online through the promotion of various products. It is one of the best techniques for earning passive income, enabling you to generate a good amount of income from your blog. You do not have to work regularly, but you need a practical affiliate marketing approach. The first step is to understand your target audience and their needs. This will enable you to meet their needs by promoting the right products effectively. Nevertheless, affiliate marketing is one of the best means of generating passive income if you correctly understand your audience.


Direct Advertising/Selling Ad Space

You can also earn a passive income by directly selling your advertisement space. It enables you to attain total control by deciding on the type and form of every ad. You also choose the number of ads to display, where the advertisers will pay you for the clicks, and much more. Certain bloggers may decide to sell the advertisements directly as a way of paid partnerships and paid client posts. Such posts are usually displayed on the blog headline, letting you incorporate the ads into the site. It enables you to make money while creating relevant content for your audience.


Selling Digital Products

This is a profitable way of earning a passive income through blogging. It includes writing ebooks, developing a course, bundles, and many others. You get sale notifications once you formulate your products and automatically set them up. There are various stages in developing a digital product that begins with having an idea, developing the product, creating a lead magnet, and coming up with a sales page and emails. It requires a lot of time; however, it is a worthwhile endeavor, as it will enable you to earn income in your comfort zone. It would be helpful to take up a course before creating a specific product to boost your confidence.


Final Thoughts

Through your blog, you can earn money by developing marketing approaches and income streams to earn passive income. However, it might be challenging to achieve a passive income without having a plan. Regardless of the means, you want to use to earn your money, it is significant to understand it first. You also need to realize that making passive income through blogging needs consistency and a lot of effort. You also need to do a lot of research and have a positive mindset as you start your blog and monetize it.

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