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Taking A Break When You’re On A Road Trip

If you’re off on a road trip soon, whether it’s the first you’ve ever been on or you’re trying to return to car travel, you’re going to need to factor in some breaks every now and then. After all, being cooped up behind a wheel for hours on end isn’t good for anyone. And when you’ve got travel partners along with you, getting as bored and/or restless as you are, you don’t want to be trapped in the car with all of those complaints either! But when should you take a break? And what are the best ways to take a road trip break? We’ve got some ideas below for explaining just that. 


Take at Least 15 Minutes

Every break you take, whether you stop every couple of hours or every four hours, needs to be about 15 minutes long each time. This gives you a chance to fit everything in (heading to the toilet, for example), but it also ensures you’ve got the chance to let the blood flow back into your legs. 15 minutes isn’t a huge amount of time, by any means, so it also won’t prevent you from getting to your destination on time either. 


Always Have a Snack

When you decide to take a break, make sure you always dig into a little snack. Whether this be a bag of trail mix, a chocolate bar, or a sandwich you made before you set off, it’s fuel for the road! You need to keep energy levels up, and you can’t do that if you’re skipping out on calories. You need them more than ever right now. 


Engage Your Brain Elsewhere

If you want to take your eyes off the road for a bit, make sure you take along some brain engaging things to do during your breaks as well. A crossword book, for example, is a great little way to flex your mental muscle, and ensure those cheesy road trip hits aren’t getting to you too much! You can also learn more here about some of the best puzzle books to pack into your road trip carry on bag; if you’ve got any teenagers along for the ride, these are also great for preventing them from getting too bored. 


Stretch Your Legs

Finally, as we mentioned above, getting the blood flowing again is crucial on a road trip. So make sure that when you pull over and turn off the engine that you’re also getting out of the car. You need to have a little walk around for about 3 to 5 minutes, or you could take a few moments to do some proper stretching. Make sure your legs (and other muscles!) aren’t going stiff from being tucked into a car seat and you’ll find the traveling far less awkward when you set off again. 

If you’re about to go on a road trip, make sure you factor in break times. You need a rest every now and then when driving! 

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