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How To Write A Winning Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

Sometimes, your essay has to go beyond mundane quality. After all, many of our readers participate in some form of competition. Or, they simply need to present something outstanding to their instructors. In this light, the knowledge of the winning factors for academic writing is essential. If you have any questions connected to the presented issue, the presented article will answer them. Are you ready? Here’s our step-by-step guide for writing a winning essay!


Step 1. Thoroughly research your topic

The first important step to consider while preparing a winning essay is collecting a significant volume of information. You have to review many sites and articles before preparing some high-quality research. Brainstorm at least ten or fifteen sources on your topic. Good writers also ensure that they view different standpoints. Take a look at what scientists write. Then, find some journalist opinions. And, what about naysayers? Proponents? The more expert opinions you get, the better. So, what sources can we personally recommend? Some good ideas include the following elements:

  • Sites of big publications, such as the New York Times. Newspapers similar to the NYT are among the most reliable sources of journalist information. With their assistance, you can always be sure that your essay will get reliable information.
  • Paywalled scientific journal pages. Paywalled? Are you sure? Yes, because the majority of for-payment articles on the website of say, Elsevier, have detailed abstracts. Using them, you can get the key ideas of the scientists easily.
  • Book reviews. A great way to find something new is to also perform some analysis of the books on the topic. Here, you can read some outside opinions or even present a personalized one. 

Generally, as you may see, brainstorming various ideas is crucial for writing original essays. The more ideas you have, the greater the chances of getting enough big and original concepts.


Step 2. Create a thorough structure for your essay

The second thing any expert would recommend you is to ensure that your essay has a proper order. If an essay is written without a clear plan, it will fail in 100% of cases. Hence, you must ensure that the following elements appear in your outline and then in the final variant of the paper: 

  • Place a strong introduction at the beginning of the essay. No essays can exist without a clear presentation of their topic. Here, your goal is to add a strong hook, which includes some form of provocative or interesting statement (for instance, ‘Millions of students buy their papers from others online.”), expand it further (give some statistics or philosophical analysis), and present a thesis statement.
  • Spread your content in a way that would enable you to put one big idea per body paragraph. One of the worst things students can do is putting ideas in their papers chaotically: often, ideas arise spontaneously and within different fragments of the text. This approach makes text more or less unreadable. Instead, you have to ensure that every body paragraph talks about a very definite thing. And, what if you need to write one big idea into several paragraphs? Our professional experience indicates that some extra-large ideas can easily fragment into smaller ones. 
  • Every body paragraph must have a topic sentence, evidence, analysis, and conclusion. Once you have a big idea per paragraph in your outline, a great idea is to ensure a strong structure for the body paragraphs. Here, your data collection efforts come to fruition. Above all, give an overall idea of the paragraph, and describe the big idea. Then, offer proof for it (for example, that good writer habits include structure on the basis of scientific studies). Some discussion of the proof is also a great idea. Lastly, conclude with a sentence that summarizes the idea and prepares for the next paragraphs.
  • Provide a conclusion. Lastly, every good custom structure includes some form of an essay retelling. Here, you have to, above all, repeat your key ideas (restate thesis + main statements) and then offer some final opinion on the topic of writing.

All in all, the overall structure of a winning essay is classical: introduction, body, and conclusion. Do you need any help in this regard? Are you looking for someone to process your “write my essay for free” request? You are not alone. We recommend Custom Writings, a custom essay writing service for getting the best students from professional academic writers available 24/7 online.


Step 3. Let others read your material

One of the most important ways to write a winning essay is to let some other people give you feedback. In this regard, we especially recommend companies that provide help (for instance, editing services) with English writing to students. The one we’ve mentioned above is a perfect choice in this regard. You can ask an experienced writer to take a look at your assignment and give some advice. Are you completely out of ideas regarding your paper? A good choice is to ask such a company to provide you with sample or outline preparation services. When you order something and become a first-time customer, there is also a possibility to save some money. If you buy your essay sample with a long deadline, it can be especially cheap. For people who are hesitant, many websites of this type also offer some test samples for free. They are a perfect source of ideas for writing papers from scratch. In the end, however, even getting some help from non-professionals (your family or friends) is a good experience. It will let you put the key ideas into context.


Step 4. Ensure proper formatting

The last important element to consider is the look and feel of your paper. Every top essay features a very professional presentation. Here, we recommend thoroughly following the key college recommendations. You can also ask for an additional service: the facility should provide some samples. Then, simply follow every recommendation possible. And, what if you do not have any thorough recommendations? Well, you still should format your paper well to win. More importantly, source citations for evidence must be outstanding. Here, a good idea is to use some of the standards popular in the USA:

  1. MLA formatting.
  2. APA method;
  3. Chicago/Turabian approach.

You will never make a mistake if you use any of the methods presented above.

All in all, as you may see, the process of writing a winning essay is far from being simple. To create one, you have to concentrate on many factors and put in some serious work. Consequently, there’s no shame in asking for some outside feedback. If you are unsure about certain elements, ask the strongest experts.

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