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Fun Fresh Ideas To Perk Up Your Business

When you start a new business, there are a few fundamental items that you can buy to improve its functionality and its efficiency. Even if you are just starting up in business, it’s good to look ahead and see what you can do to keep the business running in a fun way!

They can also be a fun and fresh way to keep people happier in the office and make them feel a little more loved and a little more prepared to work! It is so important to have a few fun things around the office anyway, isn’t it? 

  • Think board or mood boards – keep your staff inspired and allow them to bring their own moodboards, photos and keepsakes to make sure that they feel constantly motivated. 
  • Coffee machine or popcorn machine – adding a little fun element so that your staff can grab a box of popcorn or a fun caramel latte, is going to give them a nice pick me up, anytime of day which will help them be more ready to work! 
  • Customized business card holder – keep things fun with a personalized business card holder, so that anyone that comes to visit them or at any office meetings, people can pick out a business card easily! 
  • Monogram sticky notes and fun stationery – these are all very fun things to add to an office to make people want to use them whilst still feeling as if they are being 
  • Id badges – these are fun and can be personalized as well as giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, which is especially good if you are working in a huge environment. Your staff should know each other by name and by face, so it’s important to wear them! 
  • Have a games area – during their lunch hour they can enjoy a game of darts or pool and this is a fun way for them to stay social as well as giving them a little bit of downtime. The afternoons can be a slog in the office, there is no denying that, so give them some fun time. 
  • Add fun things to the social calendar – this is important if you want to give your staff a reason to celebrate. Days out, nights out and work parties are really good to keep people happy and learn to communicate better, chat about work or their personal lives and feel part of a team. 

Do incentives really work? 

Yes, they definitely do work, but they only work if you implement them well! Employee incentives increase company morale and will promote a successful mindset with the staff in general. Staff incentive programs can be good too to help your team feel worthy and happy. However, adding some fun elements in and around the office is going to give them an extra boost and make them feel loved and cared for. Even adding discounts for certain health care aspects and things such as free eye tests or company car schemes, you can really give your business a well deserved pick-me-up!

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