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Explore 10 Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Yard

A well-manicured lawn could tremendously boost your curb appeal. Just a little landscaping could really go a long way in making your property look great. If you’ve thought about it, you might as well get your hands dirty. Here are a couple of ideas that anyone can implement.

1. Add Stone Pavers

Do you have a path to the backyard? If not, you might be walking all over your grass. Walking on the grass a little bit isn’t bad. But, doing it too much could start to wear tracks into the lawn. That never looks great.

Instead, place some beautiful stone pavers along the path. These look good, and they’ll prevent you from wearing out the grass. Look for something that complements your home, too. A few stone pavers could totally transform how your lawn looks.


2. Install Some Rock Features

You’ve probably never thought about them. But, rock features are a great way to accent parts of your lawn. Placing a large boulder next to a tree brings more focus to it.

Don’t put something too large on your lawn, though. Try using a decorative stone. Something like marble would look great in the sun. Use something big enough to draw some attention, but keep it subtle. Adding smaller stones around shrubs can also look great. Decorative pebbles could even serve as a replacement for mulch.

If you live around a lot of trees that tend to hide your driveway, using a rock as a marker may help people spot your residence. Decorate it with your house number so that drivers can easily spot you.


3. Edge Around the Sidewalk

Don’t let the grass grow too tall near the sidewalks. Often, we forget to trim the lawn near the pavement. Our lawn mowers might not get close enough to them, though. Then, you’ll have a bunch of overgrown grass around the edge of your lawn.

Use a weed whacker to trim up the lawn’s edges. You’d be shocked by how much of a difference edging can make. However, after you’ve trimmed things up, you’ll never look back. It simply looks professional.


4. Plant Perennial Shrubs

A few perennial shrubs would really liven up the lawn during the summer. These don’t bloom during the winter. But, they’re elegant when it’s warm outside. They’ll bring another layer of depth to your landscaping. And, you won’t have to maintain them once the seasons change, either.


5. Replace Your Mulch

Older mulch loses a lot of its luster. The change happens slowly, so you might not notice at first. Replacing old mulch with something fresh could change how things look by quite a bit, though.

Dig out all the old mulch first. Then, refill everything with something bright and fresh. It’ll look phenomenal.


6. Put a Flower Bed Around Your Trees

Lining the tree beds with flowers truly looks superb. Don’t just let your trees be surrounded by grass. Dig out a circle about 2 feet wide around the trees. Then, plant a few brightly-colored flowers in the holes. Fill in the surrounding area with decorative pebbles or mulch, too. See if you can plant something that matches your trees. Or, you could try using something as a contrast.


7. Refresh Your Grass

Did you plant the grass on your lawn? Or, was it there whenever you moved in? Simply planting decorative grass often looks a lot better. For example, you might try putting down some Bermuda grass. It even feels great whenever you walk on bare feet. Luxury grasses look a lot fuller than other types. And, you’ll spend a lot less time maintaining it, too. You could even plant some artificial grass in Frisco or wherever you may live. If you are concerned about your lawn being green at all times, but also want to conserve water for the environment then that may be the option best for you. Alternatively, if you want to stay with natural grass, fill in any spaces with grass seed where needed.


8. Trim Overgrown Shrubbery

Overgrown shrubs detract from your lawn’s appearance. Don’t let the shrubs grow too much without trimming them. Using a pair of shears, remove any dead branches. That keeps them healthy throughout the year. Dead branches don’t look good, and they sap nutrients from the shrub. Then, trim around the hedges in a concentric circle. Make sure everything looks even. Do this for all the shrubs around your home. It’ll look a lot better that way.


9. Add English Ivy

If you own a stone wall around your property, you can liven it up by planting English Ivy around the wall. This Ivy will wrap around the wall, covering any areas where the wall is starting to deteriorate and it will grow back every year. This looks especially nice if you add flower beds along the outside of the wall.


10. Maintain Your Trees

If you have trees that have loose branches or branches are hanging over your home, you may want to hire a tree cutting company to remove some of those branches. This is not only to make your yard look better but to protect your home and vehicles in the event that you may have a storm. A lot of damage that happens to homes or vehicles during a storm is often the result of downed tree branches. Getting that sorted out before the storm reason will give you peace of mind.

Alternatively, if your yard looks empty, you may want to add some trees. Make sure that they are native to your region. It can take years for a tree to reach full size, so have some patience.


Improving Your Lawn’s Appearance

Landscaping is something everyone should invest in. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to hire someone else, though. Most of the time, you can accomplish the same results without spending as much by doing it yourself. Unless you are getting something like sprinklers installed these tasks can be do-it-yourself. Just spend a little time outside, and it’ll pay off in the end.

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