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Interesting Ideas To Style Your Hair Using Hair Extensions

On every occasion, we grasp the straws with curlers and straighteners just to get a celebrity-inspired hairstyle. Isn’t it? Unfortunately, many of us do not manage to get and flaunt it. This is simply because, unlike any celeb, we don’t have stellar stylists to set our hair stunning, shiny, and trendy. Probably this is why deep wave hair with closures are taking the market by storm as these help to achieve a no-heating and trendy hairdo without giving it a burl.

Thus, for every fashionista who likes to go all-voguish, here are some of the easy-breezy yet elegant hairstyling ideas that can be done using hair extensions. Have a glance at all of them to flaunt like a diva!

●     Low Ponytail

Got a lazy mood and wants a cool hairstyle in less than no time? A low ponytail will be picture-perfect for you. All you need to pick the bits of over-head hair to create volume and tie it using a hair accessory. Set the ponytail using a mild hair spray and rough curling to get an occasion-ready look. You can also leave the pieces of hair in front of the face to make it look ‘wow’.

To get it done all stylishly, make sure to shop for the hair extensions made with premium virgin hair. Besides, whether you have opted for a straight or water wave bundle with closures, its thickness should match the weight of your natural hair. For instance, if you have thin hair, the fine or medium piece will go well as they will stick to the hair precisely.


●      High Bun

Messy bun gets the stuff done’, as they say.. If you wish to have a chic-kind of look without heating, try making it using straight hair with closure. Start dividing your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Tie the bottom part to make it a ponytail and place some bobby pins to set its texture. Now take your ponytail hair up and wrap it around the tie-knot. Make sure to secure it loosely using a hair tie.

Further, to make it messy, you should pick the hairpieces randomly and pin them around the bun. Some loose hairs at the neck and in front of the face will also be seamless with this style.


●     Twists


Another hairdo that is as easy as falling off a log, that is Twists can be perfectly done using wavy or straight bundles with closures. Unlike other styles, it is quite simple as you have to just place the hair extensions on your hair, followed by rough curling or smoothing the hair. Now take a one-inch wide section of hair from both ends of the front and twist towards the back of the head. Secure those pieces as per your preference to complete the look.

The ultimate benefit of Twist hairdo is that you can style it according to your vibe. Be it your favorite ponytail or a boho look, you can achieve both with this. Statement clips will also make you look voguish when used to tie the twists.


Ready For Dashing Vibe Using Hair Extensions?

The above listed are three common yet trendy hairstyles that you can have using high-quality hair extensions. But that doesn’t end here. Some of the other fancy ideas for hard-core fashionistas include vintage waves, textured waves, low bun, dutch braid, mermaid waves, and a lot more.

Therefore, wait no more and get your favorite straight, water wave, or deep wave hair with closures to style it like a celebrity in an easy-breezy way.

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