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How To Spot Foundation Issues And How To Fix It

Foundation issues can be ignored, but they are a critical threat to the integrity of any structure with time. It takes a good foundation to keep your house standing and in good condition. The secret to maintaining the integrity of a building is in maintaining the correct building codes right from the start. However, if something develops along the way because of previously unforeseen issues, it is good to fix them on time.

Here is how to identify and fix problems with your foundation.


The most common issues that you will notice in your structure are cracks and uneven floors. Each shows a problem with a foundation and the material that is beneath. It is important to look for these issues early on when it is still easier and safer to correct them and save your structure.



When your structure develops cracks at any point, this is the earliest sign that there is a problem, particularly with the foundation. The cracks may develop along the walls or on the floor. Their sizes will start from the small and faint ones to large and glaring gaps on the walls.

The main problems that you will notice when cracks appear include an improperly developed base or problems with the soil. Additionally, if the foundation and the main beam of your house walling do not come together well, you will also have problems. While you may ignore the more minor cracks that are faint, prominent zigzag ones call for immediate attention.


Uneven floors

If you notice that parts of the floor are raised more than the rest, especially sometime after completing your structure, you are probably having problems with the foundation. The other common signs of an uneven floor include doors and windows that cannot close and beams not on the same level.

Additionally, even flooring is also easily noticeable on tiles. Some parts or little bits will come off, leaving an ugly background on your structure. Commonly, this results from seeping water or problems with the soil that is beneath your structure.



The approach that you take in fixing these problems also depends on the cause and the scale. Often, you will need an expert assessment and early interventions to address the problem. The most common strategies that experts would recommend are pierring and slab jacking. The methods vary in their extent, and technical measures would often need help from experts.


Slab jacking

The strategy is common while resolving less severe problems with your foundation, especially when you have identified them before they progress. The method involves pumping concrete and cement grout into the substratum of your structure. Once the mass solidifies, it creates a good base and becomes an integral part of your foundation.

The strategy is good in resolving problems with stability along with the bases. The material also stabilizes the subsoil and prevents any further problems with swelling on the foundation.



The method is used when there are large problems that go beyond the substratum. If the integrity of your foundation has also affected the beams, you will need a better solution. It is recommended that you get the right skills from experts such as Ifix Foundation Repair before making such major changes to your structure. You will get advice on the problem’s extent and the best way to progress in restoring the structure by working on its foundation.

The method uses hydraulic piers to lift the building structure and settle the beam to grade after working on the foundation. The beam must be raised carefully and held on elevation to settle the specific problems with its positioning and footing. Once the issues are resolved, the footing is tied with steel to provide additional integrity before settling the structure on a well-repaired foundation.



The foundation forms an integral part of your structure and its integrity. Commonly, cracks and uneven floors will tell you that there is a problem with your foundation that would threaten the safety of your building structure. When issues arise with your foundation, it is always important to note them before they escalate and address them well. After noting problems with your foundation, it is always important to work with experts in resolving them and restoring the safety and integrity of your building.

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