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How To Choose A Career In 5 Simple Steps

Deciding what you want to do as a career is one of the most daunting things to do – no matter what your age or whether it’s your first or seventh job. Which is why it’s important that you sit down and work out the best strategy for you. 

The method of choosing a career, of course, varies hugely person to person. But if you know the basic steps, you can start to truly consider what you’re looking for when it comes to hunting for a job.

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To ensure that you’re on the right path to success, here are 5 simple steps that you can take:


  • Think About What You’re Passionate About


One of the key ways of identifying the career that’s suitable for you is to think about what you’re passionate about. Do you love films? Then perhaps a career within the film industry or a related industry is right for you. Or maybe you love helping people? Then a job within healthcare or home help could be the way to go.

Often a passion will lead the way to which career people go for – so by sitting down and working this out, you’ll be able to start looking for open roles in that specific industry. 


  • Education/Experience Requirements


Sometimes, depending on the career, it will require a certain level of education or experience. Of course, people are always wondering whether they should go to college before applying for roles. And although sometimes you must have a degree and certifications, such as if you’re wanting to become a doctor, other times you can enter a role with experience alone.

There are certain times when this isn’t the case as well, however, such as if you’re looking for a post military career. In cases like this, there are resources there to assist you in finding the most suitable career for your interests/skills. 


  • How Much Do You Want To Earn?


Another thing that you’ll want to consider is how much you want to earn in your career. As roles vary hugely depending on the industry, you’ll want to think about the salary you want to receive when applying. A step that you should take when looking online, it’s also beneficial to see how much you could potentially earn in the future once you went up through the ranks or had more experience. 


  • Apply For An Internship


Whether you currently don’t have the experience you need for a particular career or you simply want to get a taster of what said career will be like, applying for an internship could be an invaluable step to take. 

By giving you first-hand insight into it, it could change your mind about what you think of the career, leading you to choose a different one in the future that’s more suitable. 


  • Assess Your Strengths 


Everyone has strengths – whether it be that they are a history fanatic, exceptionally skilled at landscaping or another type. When trying to choose a career, sit down and think about what your strengths are – as well as your weaknesses. 

You could also ask your family or one of your friends for an outer perspective. This can help to shape your final decision and lead you to a career that you’re passionate about. 

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