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Brand Strategy 101: How To Create A Compelling Promise

What is a brand? A company’s image and reputation. What is a promise? A commitment to providing something of value in exchange for action. The two are closely linked, so it’s important to create the right kind of promise when creating your branding strategy. But how can you create that compelling promise here are six steps:

Tailor to Your Target Audience

This is a key part of your branding strategy because knowing what groups of people will engage with your brand can help you better tailor the experience for them. You should be clear so you can be able to know out able to know who you’re talking to. Get to what kind of person you’re talking to. Know where they live and whether they have children/spouse/partner. Do their pets at home that need care as well as an office job to support their family, etc.? The list goes on. Being clear from the start who exactly it is you’re trying to talk with will keep your messaging targeted and effective over time.


Provide a Solution

You should know what your audience wants and give it to them in an effective way. Think about the problem they’re looking for a solution to. How you can provide that solution, then create content around those solutions. This could be through testimonial videos or blog posts when appropriate. So people will see your brand promise as being credible and knowledgeable on their topic of interest. Knowing who you’re talking with is great but knowing exactly what they want makes all the difference in creating a compelling branding strategy. Make sure to stay up-to-date on current events related to your target market. The reason being that relevant news articles are also helpful for showing credibility and offering practical solutions.


Know What Your Brand Stands For

Every company has a brand whether they know it or not. Your brand is what defines you and makes your business unique in the industry. So knowing exactly who you are will keep your branding strategy on track. As a small company, choosing one thing to stand for can be challenging. But try thinking about why people choose to do business with you over other companies like yours. Perhaps there’s something special about the way products are made. Or customers may appreciate how easy it is to deal with customer service representatives when an issue arises. Take some time out of every day (or week) and think about these things. Because this step will help determine which direction your brand goes from here.


Be Distinct

As mentioned above, being clear on who your target market is will set you apart from others in the industry. You should also know how you’re different than other companies that offer a similar product or service as yours does. This way, when people are comparing you to others they’ll choose your brand because of what makes it stand out.


Identify Areas for Growth and Improvement

The only thing better than knowing who stands out among competitors is making sure everything about your business operates at its best potential. That means taking time to identify areas where improvement can be made. Whether through new products or services etc. Then take that information and create a plan of action to bring those ideas to fruition.


Be Consistent and Authentic

Finally, once you’ve defined your brand strategy take all the steps and make sure they’re consistent across every platform. You should also be authentic in how you communicate with customers. The reason being if people feel like they can’t trust what you say then eventually it will affect business as usual.

If you’re looking to create a compelling brand strategy then staying up-to-date on current trends. Knowing your target market inside and out, offering something unique that sets you apart from others in the industry. Then identifying areas for growth/improvement over time. Being consistent with how you communicate across every platform. Keeping these six things in mind will help ensure success when it comes to creating an awesome branding strategy.

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