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Explore 10 Awesome Apps For Instagram

Instagram is a great social media website to promote and grow brands owing to its features and tools. With Instagram, you can post stories to connect and engage with a wider audience, drive traffic, and increase conversions. 

Instagram by itself may not provide the important features that you need to reach and manage your audience. With the best Instagram apps, you will not need to hire graphic editors since many applications can meet your design needs. 



Boomerang is yet another great app for scheduling Instagram posts. The app has a content format to allow you to make videos and stories more interesting and engaging. You can therefore appreciate the importance of video content in receiving a satisfactory return on investment through Instagram.

The short clips built with Boomerang can grab the attention of users within seconds. The app’s unique animations can enable you to send content about memorable moments creatively while paying attention to the main content.

According to a social media marketer for the top essay writing site, Boomerang is a good app for presenting the fun part of your organization, such as employees having fun during team-building events. This app offers an engaging content creation format suitable for maximizing your posts’ reach. 



Later is full of great features allowing you to schedule posts, track activities on social media and analyze performance. It is also a useful tool for importing photos securely through access to the official API. 

However, API comes with restrictions and the process of importing photos is not automated. Later sends you some notifications in real-time to start initiating and scheduling your photos. 

Use Later to create textual content on a digital device and optimize the content using third-party tools to enhance communication. Using one account is free but you have to go for a premium version of Later to manage multiple accounts. You can follow this link for more.



Buffer is an excellent app for scheduling posts on Instagram and other social media platforms. It lets you create a calendar of posts and receive notifications regarding when to publish those posts.

Currently, you cannot post-automate posts via Instagram but the Buffer app can do so on your behalf. With Buffer, you can reach a wider audience with high-quality and consistent content and drive sustainable revenue and engagement on Instagram. The app is free for single accounts but multiple accounts require a monthly subscription to a premium version. 



Hootsuite enables you to manage Instagram content and schedule stories, images, and videos from one dashboard. After scheduling a post, you can review analytics and give share responses with your audience. 

Through Hootsuite, it is easier to monitor various social media accounts and digital marketing channels from a common platform. As such, there is no need to waste energy and time logging into each account simultaneously.

You can use Hootsuite for instant and easy sharing of any information by clicking on “add-on.” This will create shortened URLs to allow for sharing of information across social media and other sites. It is possible to have many team members working on a common project using the collaboration features of Hootsuite.  



Getting followers and quality engagements is one of the most effective ways to build an online presence. SocialMeep service helps you to automatically grow your followers, views, engagements and likes on Instagram using an automation tool. Define the settings of your Instagram audience and wait for the account to grow.

SocialMeep uses comments and like bots and growth estimator to enable you to target and interact with people who are more likely to follow back. It is also a useful tool for tracking analytics and growth on the dashboard. 



Command is an Instagram dashboard available to users desiring to gather insights into their Instagram activity. It is an advanced tracking and analytics tool to let you see insightful statistics in multiple accounts. It allows for adding accounts and researching others for Instagram growth and optimization. 

If you are not able to use the available information on the dashboard, try the app’s Report Card feature that recommends ways to improve performance.

Command is also a great app for identifying popular trends and hashtags on the platform. The app’s basic version is free, but you can enjoy additional features by choosing the premium version. 



Canva is user-friendly graphic design software offering professional image and photo editing tools suitable for professional and personal use. It lets you select options to create attractive images and posts that can attain massive shares and comments on social media.

From business cards to logos and social media covers, you can plan, develop and design anything with Canva. Use built-in templates from the app or create projects from scratch, depending on your preferences.

 Use Canva Pro to get content approvals, manage your brand assets, scale virtual content and leave feedback. Whether you are downloading, presenting, sharing, or scheduling, enjoying making an impact with your work. 



VSCO is an image editing platform offering photo editing tools and filters to make the content visually attractive and engaging. The app makes color adjustments and automatic exposure to make images creative and catchy. With VSCO, you enjoy professional-level pictures to grow your audience on Instagram. 

The free version of VSCO features basic presets to enhance photos and standard editing tools such as Saturation, Grain, and Contrast to improve the quality of images. The content in the Discover feature explores inspiring content for social media sharing and community spotlights. 

The app’s premium version has the Montage feature that lets you tell stories using videos and create collages by layering images, shapes, and videos. It also features advanced photo editing tools to create amazing images with exclusive tools. 



Plann is an excellent and unique tool for scheduling Instagram stories offering the drag and drop feature. With this feature, you can create images in a collage and use additional image editing tools to improve your work. 

Use Plann to repurpose, cross-post, and schedule your best content across Instagram and other social media platforms in a single click. Other features of this app include media management, post, and story scheduling, image editing tools, and advanced analytics. 

Managing multiple accounts with Plann is tricky due to the barebones UI, so it is suitable for single accounts. Plann is free for single account usage with multiple user access requiring a monthly subscription. 


Life Lapse

Life Lapse is a powerful app for creating professional videos for Instagram accounts to instantly grab the attention of your audience and increase engagement. The app features editing options and several camera effects to improve the quality of videos. Life Lapse is the best option if you aspire to become an Instagram influencer.   

Instead of hiring creative agencies, take advantage of Life Lapse’s ability to create aesthetically consistent videos for your audience. The app has a thoughtfully designed interface that is simple, clean, and Instagram-friendly. Start by accessing the free version before upgrading to a paid version for advanced features.



Instagram is a powerful platform for growing your brand online, but it needs to be supported by a few tools to make it more effective. The above apps are rested and tried and can enable you to get more followers and engage with them. Start with the free versions and proceed to the premium versions as you seek advanced features to grow your business. 


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