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See How To Choose The Best Athletic Shoes

What kind of sports shoes should I buy?

Buying special shoes for sport isn’t as easy as it might seem, mainly because you need to factor in the weight, size, and what purpose you will mainly be using them for. Your shoes will need to provide enough comfort for long periods of time, and comfortably fit the dimensions of your feet.

Knowing these things will help you pick out the correct type of shoe for you and help you in future purchases.


The difference between walking and running shoes

The main reason walking and running shoes are two different types of shoes is about the padding and support. Running shoes require extra padding because you are putting more pressure on your feet compared to walking.

While trying to find the perfect pair of shoes, a common mistake you can make is to assume that all types of shoes are the same. Nike shoes, for example, are perfect for running because their padding and support are second-to-none.


What does your Shoe offer you?

Running shoes are designed mostly to provide comfort, padding, and support for your feet while standing on them for relatively long periods of time.

The special padding inside (mainly on the sole) is designed to absorb sweat and prevent further heightening of body temperature while doing physical activity. The comfort this padding provides also prevents any sort of feet or joint injuries which can occur while doing excessive and demanding physical activity.

Walking shoes have a different type of padding compared to running shoes. This is not to say walking shoes do not have padding – more that they require lighter padding for stability and ease while walking, particularly around the ankle and heel. Walking shoes are often made of leather to give the foot support and protection while still providing a flexible feel.


How the right shoes reduce pronation

Overpronation is a problem that occurs when you have slightly lower arches in your feet, otherwise known as flat feet. Those affected by this condition often experience pain and sometimes injury while running or during physical activity. Fortunately, the pain can be reduced and stopped by using the right shoes, and it goes away quite quickly.

The opposite extreme is underpronation, which occurs in people who have very high foot arches, causing the feet to roll outwards.

Both conditions can cause a great deal of discomfort, but carefully choosing the right shoe can provide massive relief.


So how do you choose the right athletic shoes?

Buying the right shoe for your type of sports activity significantly reduces the risk of injury and pain in your feet.

If you want to ensure that your feet fit the shoes perfectly, go to a physical shoe store like this Australian Nike store for example and actually try shoes on. Better yet, try them on again before the end of the day when your feet are aching and perhaps a little swollen. This will ensure your feet have successfully molded into the shape of the shoes when you come to wear them.

Consider too why you are buying new shoes, and what sports you will mostly be using them for. Look for the amount of support they offer compared to the flexibility of the fit.


In summary

Do not assume all shoes are the same. Athletic shoes can look very similar to one another, especially when shopping online.

One thing to look out for is that although the ‘look’ of a shoe may categorize it as a sports shoe, digging a little deeper into the materials and design is essential to make sure it does what you want it to do. Getting this part wrong can lead to reduced performance in your sport, painful issues such as blisters, or even foot or leg injuries as a result of incorrect footwear.

The right shoes for the job will provide shock absorption for your muscles and joints in the same way good suspension reduces the stress on the inner workings of cars.

Managing the temperature of your feet is also part of finding a good athletic shoe. The right materials and breathability are vital to avoiding fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot.

Walking shoes work in the same way as running shoes but are designed for less vigorous pressure on the feet. That said, for intense walking trails and long hikes, it is important to ensure your feet and ankles have the right levels of support for your feet and ankles.

You will find that whatever your chosen activity, you can relax and enjoy it more and enhance your performance considerably by putting a little time and efforts into your athletic shoe purchase.

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