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Effective Ways To Promote Your Independent Film

To make your mark on the film industry, you’ve got to grab your audience’s attention. Whether that means social media campaigns or film festivals, choose a promotion method that best fits the style of your film and your style as a director. A few effective ways to promote your independent film will get the ball rolling toward inevitable success.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Independent Film

Build Your Brand

Who are you, both as a filmmaker and a businessperson? Create a packet of marketing materials that best represent your production company. Design a user-friendly but eye-catching website, and create continuity between all your social media platforms. Make sure your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are cohesive and recognizable and give your production company a catchy name that’s easy to remember.


Create a Killer Trailer

Capture the heart of your film in two minutes or less. Give your audience the most effective taste of your movie without using all your good footage. Teaser trailers, in particular, are extremely “portable” across social media; short, effective videos work on multiple platforms. Plus, a tight 30 seconds will garner more views than two and a half minutes. Have both on hand for different promotions, though.


Activate Your Social Media

The most effective way to garner buzz for your movie is to make it as visible as possible. And in today’s world, that means popping up on social media feeds and interacting directly with your audience. Social media has changed the film industry, so use it to your advantage and advertise your movie. Change your profile picture to a poster for your film. Share fun facts about the making of the movie, and share select behind-the-scenes photos that leave your audience wanting more. If you wish to engage your audience, create hashtags that relate to your film and encourage viewers to live-tweet their viewing.


Put Out a Press Release

Develop relationships with news outlets and media personalities in your area. An official announcement in a reputable newspaper or magazine is guaranteed to draw attention to your film. In your press release, give a short but punchy synopsis of your film and let people know when and where they can watch it. If you plan to submit your film to festivals in the area, brag about it a little! Your interest in film festivals shows confidence in your work.

When you market your independent film, keep your audience in mind while remaining true to the spirit of the film itself. When you know a few effective ways to promote your independent film, you open yourself to a wider audience. Get people to notice your work by making it as public as you can!

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