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Good News Fridays: The Opening Of Unless U Scoops

Welcome to Good News Fridays. Each week, this post features something good, wholesome, positive, and overall something great. We all need something good to read or watch on Fridays!

Today is a big day for the folks at Unless U.  Today, their new ice cream shop Unless U Scoops opens!  As you know, there are many people with disabilities who are unemployed.  As someone who has a disability, it took an national TV show to find me a job.  Unless U Scoops will allow those people with disabilities to run a ice cream shop and learn confidence through vocational training in a work environment that is both fun and safe.

Unless U Scoops fosters inclusivity, and they will serve a variety of flavors of ice cream, including their own signature flavor.  Here is a video promo about Unless U Scoops.

WVTM NBC 13 anchor Brittany Decker got to preview the new ice cream shop before it opens.

And as you can tell, the people at Unless U are thrilled about this new chapter!

Unless U Scoops is located at 737 Chestnut Street in Vestavia Hills, AL.  They are open Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday from 1-6 pm.  And they are open Friday – Saturday from 1-8 pm.

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