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6 Ways To Be A Better Baseball Fan

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America. It’s understandable why, too – it’s a game filled with talent, history, and incredible fans. For such an amazing game, you are likely to want to learn all about it, whether that’s through conversation or off-the-hand knowledge about the game.

Whether you are a newbie baseball enthusiast wanting to understand the basics or a lifelong fanatic wanting to prove your loyalty, here are six ways to become a better baseball fan.


1: Know the Players and Their Histories

If you are someone who has loved the game for over fifty years, then chances are you already know enough of its history. If you are a relatively new fan, though, then there’s a lot to catch up on. Whether you want to learn about Harold Reese and his 87 runs or Babe Ruth and his home run hit in Wrigley Field in 1932, the more you know about its history, the closer you’ll feel to the current game.


2: Go to Every Nearby Game

Whatever MLB team you support, try to go to as many games they play as possible. Of course, watching on your TV is always a great way to keep up with the games, but there is something so incredible about watching your favorite player hit the ball perfectly right in front of you. Plus, you don’t get that same camaraderie anywhere else.


3: Surround Yourself with Baseball Fans

If you really want to know more about baseball, simply surround yourself with other baseball fans – they are sure to teach you a thing or two! That goes even if they don’t support the same MLB team as you. After all, a debate is often more fun than someone who agrees with everything you say.


4: Don’t Be a Sore Loser

It’s important to know that your favorite MLB team won’t always win – and that’s OK. While it’s always upsetting and frustrating to see a great player not meet their usual high standards, you mustn’t let it get to you too much. Yes – it’s fun to have a rant about it with your friends or even have a drink in the bar while you complain about the day’s game, but never let it affect you beyond that. Otherwise, the game is no longer fun!


5: Play it Yourself

There’s only so much you can understand by watching the game. Even if you’re no good with a baseball bat, there’s still a great feeling when hitting the ball and trying to score in a game you love. See if there’s a local club in your area for beginners and see what the game really feels like.


6: Keep Up with Baseball Media

Once you’ve finished watching a baseball game, there’s still a whole lot of TV, news, blogs, and podcasts to indulge in. By keeping up with baseball media, you ensure you’re always the first to know about anything new in the world of baseball.

Being a baseball fan is one thing; being a great baseball fan is another. If you’re serious about the game, these six methods will have you knowing everything you need to know about the game before long.

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