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How To Create A Better Video Presentation

Whether you’re making a business presentation, unboxing video, morale booster, or what have you, when you create a video for your clients and customers, you want to turn out the best product and content possible. If you’re still new to shooting your own presentations, keep a few simple ideas and admonitions in mind while (and before) you work. Here’s how to create a better video presentation and turn out one in which you can take pride.

How To Create a Better Video Presentation

Read the Room

Before you set up the lights, cameras, and action, check out the place where you plan to shoot. If you have access to a studio space that can be made off-limits to possible interruptions and intrusions, all the better. If you don’t, take the time to assess where you want to film. Make sure it’s large enough for the talent, scene, props, and equipment. Ensure it’s quiet and free from foot traffic. If it’s not well-lit, see if there’s space to add lighting. Decide what time of day you want to film and gauge potential sounds coming from inside and outside the room. Fewer interruptions mean more money saved and less time in post-production fixing things.


Plan Everything

Before you shoot that first bit of footage, make sure you plan for the entire production. You don’t want to wing it or improvise—that’s a recipe for disaster. Write a script, practice reading it, and edit until it meets your preferred running time. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, create a storyboard. This is a comic strip that plots out the various shots of your speaker or speakers, captioned by the dialogue. Storyboards can help you visualize the final product and decide what you can and can’t do.


Practice and Time It

The best presentations are timed and practiced down to the second. Do a few dry runs of your presentation before shooting. Next, do a dress rehearsal while filming and review the footage afterward, making notes about what worked and what didn’t. For example, note mistakes in sound quality, lighting, and props, as well as any additions or updates you’d like to make. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure you’re putting on your best face and performance in the video.


Add Some Visual Flair

When deciding how to create a better video presentation, take advantage of the magic of digital video by adding a few interesting special effects. Use a green screen in your production to create fun or professional backgrounds. You can also put your personal or corporate brand upfront with a logo, website URL, or social media handle behind you or in the corner. If you have the budget, consider commissioning a designer to generate some fun or explanatory animations to keep things lively. And, of course, dress to impress your viewers, whether you’re going for professional or whimsical. Let your imagination roam!

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