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How To Impress At Your Job Interview

In a job interview, the first impression is everything. When you feel you are most confident and are as prepared as possible, you’ll excel in your interviews and successfully impress the interviewer as well. Read on for the most effective tips and tricks to make the best first impression in a job interview.


1. Dress for the Job You Want

The first step in preparing to impress in a job interview is to dress properly. It may not seem like it at first, but what you wear to an interview is important. Take this time to put together a knockout outfit that communicates you are both professional and well-dressed. Dressing appropriately not only conveys your level of interest in the job but will also make a good impression on the interviewer.

As you put your outfit for the big day together, don’t forget to invest in the right accessories. Everything from your choice in watch to your selection of leather MacBook cases will speak volumes about your fashion sense and your intent to impress.


2. Understand the Job Description

Understanding the job you’re applying for is also an essential part of preparing for a standout interview. Prepare yourself by doing your research on the company and its products or services, and have a good understanding of what they do. When you know what the interviewer wants and expects from you, it will be much easier to impress them.

In your efforts to make yourself seem like the perfect fit, be sure to research your future job description online. With websites like Indeed and GlassDoor, you can easily find out what skills and personality traits your future employer is looking for.


3. Find Trustworthy References

Finding trustworthy references for your new job can be tricky. While you should always consider using your past employers as references, it is a good idea to only choose individuals that will speak positively about the skills you possess and who can vouch for your work ethic and other relevant qualities. With a group of trustworthy references, you’ll be guaranteed a glowing review should your interviewer follow up with any of them.

If you can’t reach out to past employers, consider trusted friends and colleagues to be your references. Make sure that whoever you choose is willing to speak kindly about you and your professionalism should they receive a call or email from your potential employer.


4. Prepare the Right Questions

Another important part of making a good impression during an interview is coming prepared with the right questions to ask. While you’ll receive a fair amount of questions from the interviewer, they’ll also expect you to have thoughtful questions of your own. Learn to be an active listener and ask the right questions so that you not only understand the information the interviewer is providing but also ensure that you are answering their intent.

While there is no one-size-fits-all guide to winning over an interviewer, preparing three or four quality questions is a good idea. With the right questions about the position, job requirements, and company, you will be well on your way to making a good first impression and landing the job of your dreams.


5. Bring Resume Copies

As you gear up for your upcoming interview, make sure you have all your important documents on hand. Bringing at least two copies of your resume will ensure that the interviewer can review your background information before the interview begins and take some of the pressure off of them by reviewing your credentials.

With multiple copies of your resume handy, you’ll also make the interview itself easier. As your interviewer refers to the resume during their time with you, you can also use your copy to help jog your mind as you speak. This way, you can avoid unnecessary pauses or blank stares as you wow your interviewer with your extensive job history and impressive qualities.

Make sure your next interview goes better than expected by making the best impression possible. Use these tips and tricks to make sure every job interview is one that the interviewer never forgets.

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