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What Are The Best Supplements For Athletes?

If you are an athlete, you want to always perform your best so that you can stay ahead of the competition or so that you can beat your own records. No matter the type of athlete that you are, ranging from being a bodybuilder to being an Olympic athlete, there is always a supplement that can help you be your best. These supplements can help you to improve your performance, complete more exercise, or even enhance the endurance that you have. Below, you will find five of the best supplements that athletes should take to improve their skills and beat their goals.

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Protein is probably the most obvious supplement for athletes that appears on this list as there is an abundance of it in every health foods store and on every health aisle in a grocery store. If you are an athlete, you need a protein that has ingredients that contain every amino acid to help your body build the protein blocks it needs. This ultimately helps you to build muscle and to build your strength and endurance so that you can beat the odds. A whey protein or one that contains casein is the best if you are looking to bulk or are looking to get stronger.



Caffeine, believe it or not, can be a powerful supplement for athletes to take as it can increase your endurance and the efficiency at which you perform. Stick with a low dose so that there are no harmful effects as studies have found that higher intakes have no added effect. Caffeine is most beneficial if you are under some type of time test or if you are looking to use all of the endurance that you have. It is best for team practices, high-intensity interval training, or some other exercise that requires a high level of cardio.



Betaine is a less common supplement for athletes, but you have probably heard of it if you have been an athlete for a long time. It actually first helped in overcoming muscle weakness in some degenerative diseases, but it has since helped in muscle performance. Bodybuilders and weight lifters are likely to use betaine as it can aid in your bench pressing and in the size of your limbs and muscles. It can also reduce the percentage of body fat that you have when you are trying to reach a certain goal.



Surprisingly, many athletes, maybe even you included, have to deal with some type of iron deficiency or amenia that can negatively impact their performance capabilities. In female athletes especially, low iron can lead to a lack of energy and a lack of endurance that is required to complete a workout or to beat a record. Iron is a supplement that is best for those with anemia or with some type of deficiency so that endurance can be increased. It is one of the supplements that are best for you to talk over with your doctor to get the best results.


Calcium and Vitamin D

The final two supplements are listed together as they each provide many of the same benefits. They both help to build muscle and bone strength, and they can even aid in increasing your alertness and making you feel much healthier overall. You can obtain vitamin D by sitting in the sun, and calcium comes from drinking dairy products or eating dark green vegetables on a regular basis. If these natural methods do not work for you, calcium and vitamin D are both available in supplement form though you should never exceed the recommended dose.


Final Thoughts

As an athlete, there are many supplements available to you that can provide a benefit to your goals and to your endurance. There are many other vitamins available other than just the few that are listed above as well that can be beneficial. Find a supplement source that you can trust to discuss the goals you have in place or the needs that you have for your health as an athlete. The professionals can help to guide you to the right supplements for your needs so that you can become the fastest or can lift the most weight.

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