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Tips For Hosting An Exciting Virtual Party

Who says being apart should ruin a party? Or that you need to have people physically present to throw a fun party? It’s 2021, and virtual parties are not only a possibility but can be super fun if you host it the right way. There is no limit to the type of event you can host virtually, from company milestones to birthdays. So, is distance stopping you from hosting a party for friends or colleagues? Enter virtual parties! Use these tips to host virtual events that are as fun as in-person parties.  If you are hosting an event and need projector screen for that, you can look for reputed singapore projector screen providers.


1: Understand what a virtual party is

For the uninitiated, a virtual party is exactly what it sounds like – a get-together or celebration that you host online or virtually. It is a simple yet fun way to bring those you love around and have fun together without worrying about distance, venue, or health risks. All you need is your computer, smartphone, or tablet and a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go.


2: Decide on your guest list

Before you let anybody know what you’re planning, you first need to build a guest list. To do this, think about why you want to host a virtual party and who’d be appropriate to have on board. The great thing about a virtual event is that you are not limited by the location or capacity of the venue. That should give you more freedom to decide on who to invite.


3: Plan

Planning is as important here as hosting a physical party. You need to know what your party is about and create a theme for it. For example, do you want to host a birthday party for a friend or family member? Are you considering a celebratory party for a friend? Decide the reason for the party and plan your activities. You should also remember to consider the number of guests as this would determine the virtual platform you would use.


4: Choose your activities

There is a vast range of fun activities you can try with a virtual party. One option is virtual games. For example, you can play a murder mystery game via Zoom and give every party guest the chance to solve intriguing murder mysteries. The virtual party activities are endless – from a fully-hosted virtual cocktail shake-up to virtual campfires (yes, that’s a thing) and various online quests. 

And, don’t forget the drinks! Because, what is a party without some drinks, right? To make it even more fun, you can purchase the drinks then send them to the various locations of your party invitees to chill ahead of time. 


5: Choose a reliable virtual hosting platform

Of course, the last thing you want is a virtual event platform that keeps going off and interrupting your party. That’ll suck and ruin your party! So, take the time to choose a reliable platform that will deliver the experience you want. When choosing the right platform, focus on the ease of use, customization, network, connection, etc. There are several platforms you can use to host the perfect virtual party. These include Zoom, Netflix Party, Group FaceTime, Google Hangouts, to mention a few. 

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