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Tips For At-Home Chronic Pain Relief

For those who do not struggle with it, the concept of chronic pain focuses on the word pain. Sadly, those of us who do deal with chronic pain understand that the chronic part of that phrase can have an even bigger impact on your quality of life. When you struggle with chronic pain, a part of your brain is always distracted.

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Move As You Are Able

To start, consider setting up an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and move as you are able every hour. If your legs are impacted, work your arms and upper back. If your back hurts, try to stretch your hands and arms, flex your toes, or move whatever part of your body that allows you to move without impingement or pain.

During this moving time, focus on form. Work in front of a mirror to make sure that your moves are smooth and clean. If you are not sure of what proper form should look like, work with a personal trainer to build good habits to move the parts of your body that can be worked to increase blood flow and lift your spirits.


Stay on Top of Stress

Stress and tension will happily live in your body as well as your head. To better control your stress, you can

  • build a daily meditation habit
  • do some devotional reading or prayer each day
  • consider taking up a creative hobby
  • read and write

You do not need to be able to sit on the floor to meditate. Find as comfortable a position as possible, light a candle, and set a timer. You can use a mantra, or simply focus on breathing.


Watch Your Anger Levels

Meditation is an ideal way to get on top of any anger or frustration you may be feeling. While meditating or praying, you can focus on

  • gratitude for the parts of you that do not hurt
  • the safety and comfort of your current situation
  • factors of your life right now that are helpful

Consider keeping a journal to help you understand when your anger is triggered and where that sensation shows up in your body. Anger can settle into your muscles and create tension and spasms. Watch what time of day increases your risk of an angry reaction and schedule meditation just before that time. Additionally, if anger and frustration crop up right before mealtimes, get a snack!


Medicate Sparingly

Many of the medications that you can take for chronic pain are also products that will encourage your body to build up a tolerance. What worked last month may not be enough now. This becomes dangerous when your pain level is high enough that you need opiates. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis plants and can help you get on top of chronic pain.

Consider trying products from a CBD oil online store. You will want to buy products from a producer that offers third-party testing, which confirms that what is on the label matches what is in the bottle.

You will not build up a tolerance to CBD. Once you know your dosage, you can even back off the amount you use. CBD can be found in

  • an edible oil that you can take under your tongue to help you sleep
  • a gummy to eat before bed that can help you stay asleep
  • a topical to address joint pain at the site
  • a vaping pen to help you microdose
  • an isolate powder that you can blend into beverages

Microdosing is an ideal option for those who have had good luck with CBD as a sleep aid. While many vaping pens require 25 puffs to constitute a full dose, two or three puffs can help stave off nerve pain, muscle spasms, and other chronic pain triggers. Microdosing can also help you focus when your stress is high and your thoughts are scattered.

Life with chronic pain can be incredibly frustrating. Finding ways to better manage this frustration before it turns into resentment and anger can help you improve your quality of life.

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