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Becoming More Eco-Friendly: 5 Practical Tips For Your Business

There are many reasons why your business should go green. Of course, the big motivation for taking an eco-friendly approach is to help cut carbon emissions. However, going green also makes business sense and can have a big impact on your bottom line.

For instance, becoming eco-friendlier can help to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. In addition, being recognized as an eco-friendly outlet will give your target audience another reason to choose your business over your competitors.

Due to the global and social importance of fighting climate change, as well as to the distinct business advantages on offer, it’s important that your business reduces its carbon footprint. To do this, here are five practical tips to take on board to become eco-friendlier:

Embrace Remote Work

If the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated anything, it’s that a large number of businesses can adapt to remote work. If your company has the ability to support remote employees, embrace it. Simply leaving the office behind and working from home is arguably the most effective method for becoming eco-friendlier.

Why? Well, it stops your workers from driving to and from work each day. Plus, working from home not only cuts down on pollution – it also increases staff efficiency levels and saves time.

Use a Baler

When it comes to recycling materials, one of the most useful tools to have at your disposal is a baler. Recycling balers provide an easy way to deal with the likes of cardboard and plastic, condensing them into easily manageable cubes.

Along with the environmental impact that recycling delivers, a baler can also help save a lot of time, space, and money.

Recycle Electronics

As with recyclable materials, you can also take extra steps to ensure any surplus electronic equipment remains away from the landfill.

There’s a big reason why you want to do this: based on statistics from the EPA, electronic waste (aka e-waste) maintains its reputation as America’s fastest emerging waste stream. In addition, it is reported only 12.5% of this waste type is currently recycled.

If you are replacing any computers, monitors, printers, tablets, and so on, see if these can be utilized by any local charities or schools.

Change to a Green Web Host

Considering the detrimental impact the internet has on the environment, it makes perfect sense to focus on this element when making your business greener. Thankfully, there are several different web hosting solutions that utilize renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

A green web host should only be the start. Look into how you can utilize other sustainability-focused providers for your business.

Opt for Renewable Energy

If a web host can utilize renewable energy, your company can follow suit. While this aspect depends on the location of your business, many establishments have the opportunity to effectively use nature to their advantage.

For instance, you could incorporate solar panels to convert sunlight into energy. Wind turbines might also be an option. Installing renewable energy methods isn’t just good for the environment: it can also save your business money in the long run.

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