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Embracing Geeky Gender-Neutral Fashion

If you check out the latest collections by top fashion houses like Gucci, Dior or Balenciaga, then you may have noticed that one of the biggest trends in fashion is that of gender-neutral fashion. This trend is based on the tenet that garments don’t have a gender attached to them. Moreover, identical collections can be made that can be embraced by the plethora of gender identities – which include “male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, and all, none or a combination of these.” If you are keen on delving into gender-neutral fashion but you also want to set yourself apart as a lover of all things geeky, the following tips may help.

Embracing Geeky Gender-Fluid Styles

Many geeky gender-neutral items are on trend – including high-waisted pants, ankle-length pants, and geeky oversized blazers (definitely inspired by the 1980s). All these styles are being worn by men and women alike in an attempt to express their personality fully and authentically through fashion. Adding elements such as lacy and ruffled silk or transparent tops into the equation can add a beautiful gender-fluid touch that really bridges the gap between fashion gender divides. Wide-legged trousers, synonymous with 1970s geekness, are also back in a big way, as are skirted pants – the ultimate Gen-Z gender-neutral fashion item.


Finding Inspiration From Sartorial Alabamians

For an idea of how gender-fluid geek styles can be chic, grab a few ideas from fashion-loving Alabama bloggers and fashion hounds such as Samra Michael (who loves ankle-length ‘geek’s a chic’ pants), Prahant Upadhyay (who makes geeky eyeglasses look cooler than shaved ice), and Sunny Nguyen (who blends traditional items like gender-fluid tops with high-waisted pants). You can also look out for gender-fluid pieces such as vests, slim fit jackets, hooded tops, and comfortable pants. When it comes to tailored pants, one trend is to wear them as though they were sweatpants, matching them with casual cotton tops such as hoodies bearing your favorite geek gaming or superhero character.


Don’t Forget The Accessories And Styling

Gender-neutral casual items such as sweatpants, short baggy pants, and wide shorts can be given a geeky touch through accessories such as glasses, backpacks, and bow ties (worn with a shirt with a closed collar). Even if your outfit isn’t geek-inspired, you can add a nerdy look by styling your hair with a little wet-look gel (part your hair on one side and slick it down towards the other side). Even a geeky pin or brooch can completely change the feel of an outfit, so make sure to stock up on a few accessories that express your love of gaming and other geek pastimes.

Gender-neutral fashion is causing a stir on the fashion scene. The good news for geeks is that many items are compatible with a geeky look – including high-waisted pants, business or casual shirts (buttoned all the way up), and large blazers and jackets. Looks that need a bit of geeky inspiration can be spiced up with small accessories such as geeky eyeglass frames, brooches, and printed tops that bear symbols from your favorite geek universe.

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