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How To Plan The Best Virtual Event: 6 Tips

The world is changing too first with new technological trends, as people continue to embrace virtual working and events.

Today, you can successfully hold an event virtually because of the advanced communication tools. However, it would be best if you prepared well. Effective preparation determines the success of the event. Here are key steps to follow.

1. Create a Plan for the Event

Planning is a vital element for your virtual event. It doesn’t matter whether your event is big or small. Without a plan, you can get frustrated along the way because you might mix up things that will lead to more confusion. Below are things to consider when planning for the virtual event.

  • The number of people expected to attend the meeting.
  • Your intention for holding the event.
  • Whether the guests will have free access to the event or not.
  • How you plan to promote the event.
  • When you plan to hold it.
  • Whether the event requires registration or not.

When planning for the event, consider writing everything down on paper. However, writing down has its effects. You might lose the notebook, and this means you will have a hard time running the event. You can type your plan on a computer to keep it safe.


2. Determine the Event Date and Time

Time is an essential element for any event. In this case, you need to pick the right time and date that resonates with your target audiences’ schedule. Most people already have fixed schedules, and it’d be best to find out when your attendees will be available.

Sometimes, it gets challenging for your potential attendees to remember the date and time, especially when dealing with a large audience. In this case, you can use calendaring software to keep updated with the event’s time and date.

You do not want to reach the De-day, and only a few people attend the virtual event just because others couldn’t remember the date and time. Or some might forget the time and join in late, leading to many inconveniences.


3. Choose the Venue

Just because you plan to hold your event virtually doesn’t mean you can sit anywhere. It would be best if you chose a suitable place that will contribute to your event’s success.

You will need to have enough space to place your speaker, cameras, and the workshop. However, this doesn’t mean you get a lavish place or spacious place.

Consider a suitable venue based on your needs and expectations. Remember, the venue should have open spaces to place cameras for a clear view from the background.


4. Choose a Platform

There are many platforms where you can hold your virtual event. Consider picking a platform that is convenient for the attendees. It should have a wider reach with good features to create a good experience for the event.

Before you chose a platform, find out what your target audience is comfortable with. Remember, you may need to pay a fee based on the platform you choose and the number of people to attend the event.


5. Identify an Experienced Presenter

Hosting an event isn’t as easy as some people may think. You need to hire a professional speaker with a wealth of experience in hosting events. This plays a crucial role in the overall success of your event.

Whoever you hire should have good communication skills with a lot of confidence to face many people. The person should be able to speak while looking straight into the camera. Ensure you train the person well about your products or services and provide the event schedule to the presenter for a seamless flow.


6. Market the Event

Never overlook the power behind promoting your event, even if you’ve already reached out to your potential attendees. This is where social media platforms come in handy.

Check a forum with many followers or where you think most of your target audience is and leverage the platform’s marketing opportunities.

You can also live stream or post videos with clear content about the upcoming event. It keeps reminding your audience, and you can be sure of an increased attendance of the event.


The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve successfully planned and marketed your event, you should expect people to turn up for the event. Proper planning gives you confidence that your event will be successful even if you encounter obstacles along the way.

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