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Top 4 Ways To Cleanse Crystals In 2021

Everything in this world comes with an energy and the same starts depleting with the passage of time. Crystals for beginners can be a great challenge but it’s a great thing once you get it. Did you know that as the batteries in your mobile devices, the energy in your crystals can be depleted? Did you know that they need the moon’s light, to energize and gain their lost power?

For those who are still learning especially, crystal healing for beginners, crystals for cleansing and charging go hand in hand. Cleansing is very important and required to remove any residual energies from the stones, while charging is required to maximize the vibration of the stones so that they can operate to their maximum potential.

These rocks are perpetually charged until we eject them from deep within the Earth. They get their energy from the Earth’s heart, which is an infinite supply, so they never run out.

Ways to clean crystals:


–      Incense :

When it comes to cleaning crystals at home, incense can be one of the most practical options compared to others. We frequently have incense on hand, and it can be a lifesaver when we aren’t in near proximity to saltwater or are quite a long way from the full moon.

Sandalwood, white sage, amber, dragon’s blood and Nag Champa are some of the best incense you can use.


–      Himalayan salt:

There’s a connection between Himalayan salt’s ability to dissolve negative energy. Salt and crystals go well together and using this Himalayan-sourced substance to cleanse your crystals is a simple and effective process.

A mid-size bowl with authentic Himalayan salt almost three quarter fills, place your crystals on the surface of salt considering it as a base and keep it somewhere in your home. Within 24 hours, you’ll see them fully cleansed and charged.


–      Water:

Another simple way to try at home is to clean crystals with water. To do so, you’ll need to build a salt-based formula. It’s also important to remember which crystals can’t be cleansed in saltwater.

Ionic stones dissolve in water when the hydrogen molecules in water break apart the positive and negative ions, allowing the rock to dissolve and vanish.

If you live by the ocean, fill a jar halfway with saltwater and soak your stones in it for at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours. If you don’t live by the sea, make your own saltwater solution at home.

Running water is another effective way to cleanse and charge crystals. Any harmful energy that could be hovering around a stone is assumed to be neutralized by moving water.


–      Sound :

Sound-charging crystals is a less popular method of stone cleansing since most people are afraid of getting it wrong.

You can use any object that emits a resonating vibration that retains its tone for more than a few seconds to cleanse your crystals with sound. Singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, and even your own voice chanting are all good choices. Using a tuning folk can be helpful.

Working on crystal for beginners can be quite a challenge but if you’re passionate enough you’ll get through and jump to the next level till you become as expected.

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