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Music Thursdays: Project 9: Live Premiere

Welcome to Music Thursdays. Each week, Geek Alabama will feature an artist or band and their latest song and / or music video. People love music, and we love featuring artists and bands!

Below, view a great performance called Project 9.  This is a message from the director.

During the pandemic, as the Broadway community faced a lockdown, I wanted a way to celebrate this incredible cast of Broadway musical theatre actors, singers, dancers and musicians in a way that would not only uplift us, empower us, challenge us to remain unstoppable during the pandemic, connect to those who are struggling or questioning their “new normal,” and give people hope that we can and ARE getting through this together.

Through The Maury Yeston/Arthur Kopit Musical NINE, I found very subtle messages throughout the storyline of a film director, Guido Contini who is facing a crisis of identity, loss of purpose, creative blocks, and the incredible women who are part of his journey, ultimately assisting in his healing as he accepts his “new normal”.

Like the character of Guido Contini, the Broadway community, & the world as a whole is finding its way to a “new normal”. It hasn’t been easy, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll get there.

I hope that this 15 minute musical tribute to NINE brings you joy, a smile, a moment of understanding, inspiration, or just pure entertainment as you journey with us.

Thank you and Welcome to PROJECT 9.

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