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Holiday Tips: 7 Best Destinations For Whisky Lovers

Are you looking for perfect destinations where you can sip a glass of liquid gold? Are you a whisky enthusiast looking to explore the rich flavors to surprise your palate? Whether you are chilling with friends or relaxing at home, nothing can beat the kick of smooth whisky. Over the last few decades, its demand sprung up across the globe. New distilleries with unique varieties are popping every year.

It has become a prominent trade, with many countries exporting their finest whisky. Statistics reveal the global whisky market revenue amounts to $94,849 million in 2021. The segment will see an annual growth of CAGR 6.42% from 2021-2025. Many big brands and local distilleries are pushing the boundaries to create a unique taste. This article will explore seven popular destinations for whisky lovers. These places offer the best tasting experiences and tours.


1.     Scotland

There are few luxuries as gratifying as sipping a smooth, flavorful whiskey glass in a scenic setting. Scotland offers this remarkable experience and is the mecca for whiskey connoisseurs. There are more than ten distilleries spread across the country. But, the leading whisky-producing regions are Speyside, Campbeltown, Islay, Highland, and Lowland.

The Speyside has most of the distilleries along the river Spey. Their single malt whiskeys have a sweet fruity note. The source of water and grain quality influences the flavors of the whisky. For those who love smokey peat whiskeys, Islay is your spot. Highland offers diversity in flavors to suit every palate. Visit Scotland and surprise your senses with the best Scottish spirits.


2.     Ireland

Ireland is well-known for its blend of whisky, breathtaking views, and friendly people. According to a survey, they sold 5 million distilled spirits in the US in 2020, generating $1.1 million. Visit some of the finest distilleries to experience the production of high-quality spirits. You can tour Cork to taste the exceptional flavors of the famous Jameson distillery.

You can taste the second most popular Irish whisky by touring the Tullamore Dew visitor’s center. Silberman distillery is a must-visit. It houses and operates some original pots from the 1800s. Whether you love whiskey or culture, the Pearson Lyson distillery should be on your bucket list. The Bushmill distillery in County Antrim, north of Ireland, is one of the country’s oldest. They make each whiskey from the water drawn from the Bush River.

3.     USA

There are over 2000 whisky distilleries in the USA, with each state having at least one. The two most popular whisky destinations are Tennessee and Kentucky. Several thousand tourists come to visit these distilleries every year. Tennessee whisky, bourbon, and rye have gained overwhelming interest from people abroad.

A pinging hot route called The American Whisky Trail is a must-explore. The trail encompasses premium distilleries like Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, George Dickel, and Maker’s Mark. There are a couple of other local distilleries, some historic bars, and museums along the path.

4.     Japan

Japanese whisky has recently gained a lot of distinction in the world of fine spirits. Japanese have developed their distinct flavor using local ingredients and traditional techniques. Yamazaki Single Malt and Hakushu Single Malt Distiller’s Reserve are immensely popular. These distilleries manufacture high-quality single malts.

You can start your tour and taste from Fuji-Gotemba, based in the mineral-rich foothills of Mt Fuji. It is an ideal place to see the whisky production process.

5.     Canada

Canadian whisky is smooth and has a rich flavor of rye. Crown Royal, Seagram’s, and Canadian Club are the top three global brands. There are many small distilleries spread across Canada, which are open for visitors. Some popular destinations include:

  • Glenora Distillery in Nova Scotia,
  • Pemberton in British Columbia,
  • Alberta’s Eau Claire, and
  • Kinsip House of Fine Spirits in Ontario

Some of these places provide a lodging facility along with tours and tastings. You can rest in some of the best scenic places after spending the day sipping some of the finest spirits.

6.     Australia

Australian whisky is making headway and marking its name in the spirit business. It has over 294 distilleries that produce top-notch whiskeys. You can try a single malt from Tasmania or some handcrafted whiskey from Perth.

Sydney is the hot spot for every whiskey enthusiast. It has Archie Rose, Black Gate, and many other micro-distilleries. Visit Whipper Snapper distillery or Margaret River Distilling company to indulge in some unique flavors. They offer a full-blown tasting experience for visitors to learn, blend and distill.

7.     Finland

The Finnish Whisky market has risen over the last few years. Many distilleries are continuing the Nordic whisky trend. The Teerenpeli distillery is well-known for its fine-quality whisky made from local ingredients. Another prominent brand is Kyro – the distillery mixes a perfect blend from Finnish rye. Apart from these, there are many other small-scale distilleries you can visit.

Final Thoughts

There is no better way to swirl and sip your favorite spirit right at the place of production. Moreover, there are several distilleries with captivating scenery that make the visit worth it. You can walk through the farm where grains are grown and witness the production process. Tour these places to get a mind-boggling experience with a guided tasting of spirits.

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