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5 Reasons To Take A Scottish Whisky Tour

Does the idea of authentic whisky excite you to the core? If it does, you will certainly love the idea of traveling to the distillery to watch how the drink is made. It will be a plus if you can get a few bottles of your best whisky brands to take home as a souvenir. Scotland is an excellent choice destination for people seeking to visit for an ultimate whisky experience. Scotts love their rum, which explains the many beautiful distilleries scattered across the region. Here are some of the best classic reasons why you must invest in a whisky tour.

1.  You get to Enjoy Matured and Smooth Whisky.

If you love Captain Morgan spiced rum, you will enjoy visiting Scotland for a taste of their matured and finely aged whisky. Four regions in Scotland are celebrated for their excellent whiskies. Whether you will be visiting the small island of Islay on the western coast of the country or going further north to Speyside, you can be sure that you’re about to find excellent whiskies to try. Scotland’s west coast is famous for many things, but its peat-flavored and smoky whiskies top the charts. On the other hand, northerners have whiskies whose distinct flavors comprise delicate florals.

Your tour will be more exciting simply because you get to taste some of the finest and well-aged whiskies from the region. You may sample mature whiskey in lucky instances. These can even be several decades old, just like the 32-year Lagavulin whiskey. The best way to tap into this kind of exquisite fun is to book your tour in advance. You can never tell how many people are looking to have a similar experience to what you are seeking.

2.  You get to Enjoy a Chocolate and Whisky Party Affair

Every time you book your Scottish whisky tour, you are sure of having excellent whisky. What you do not know is that some sweet treats may come with it. Scotts have this interesting habit of pairing their favorite whiskies and rums with sweet treats, and the chocolate-whisky pairing is to die for.

You will enjoy the burst of flavor in your mouth as both alcohol and sugars combine beautifully, giving you an unforgettable experience. If you love both chocolate and whisky, this will make you happy and satisfied. Find out which places offer such treats and make a point of visiting before you leave Scotland.


3.  Watch as the Magic Happens

This trip can be eye-opening if you use it appropriately. For instance, you can visit a distillery and watch as the experts make excellent whisky barrels. It can be therapeutic to watch coopers making the relevant casks. This process has remained the same for the last century, which is what makes it even more fascinating.

Find out why specific woods are preferred for these barrels and how the expert coopers with their apprentices turn the wood into useful casks to make the whiskey you enjoy so much. You will marvel at how the wood is caramelized to release specific flavors that infuse into your whisky. This is an exciting process that you do not want to miss. After watching this, likely, you will never question where some of the distinct flavors in your favorite whiskies come from.

4.  Do not Miss the Opportunity to Bottle Your Whisky from the Cask

One of the precious moments for a whisky lover that goes to the distillery is getting a chance to bottle their whisky. This is undoubtedly an experience to write home about. Sometimes, the distilleries’ owners are kind enough to allow you to bottle a unique whisky to take home as a souvenir. You can be sure that this will be an outstanding whisky bottle that you are not likely to get anywhere in the world.

None of the commercial whiskies that get to the shelves of your local store will come close to it. After all, you will be getting the real deal right from the maker’s cask. Nothing beats this. The ultimate experience will always go back to the one you bottled at the distillery and took away for future use.

5.  You Get to Meet New People at Whisky Tasting Events

One of the best ways to make new friends is to hang out with people who enjoy doing the same things as you. A good example would be to visit a whisky tasting joint one of the evenings that you are in Scotland. You do not have to be sure about how to find the ideal whisky-tasting joints. Instead, ask your travel agent or search online better. Asking the hotel personnel for recommendations is also an excellent place to start.

Several joints exist. With a little research, you will discover some of the best yet intimate places to hang out with like-minded people. What’s more, you are probably going to taste some of the finest whisky in your life. Most of these tasting events have unique brands undergoing trials, thus allowing you to sample. You can also get a taste of more established whisky brands.


Final Thoughts

Scotland has a lot to offer in experience, culture, and surroundings. If you are a whisky lover, then this should be top on your list to visit. Keep it simple, and you will enjoy some of the best joints and drinks.


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