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Explore Toys That Are Worth Collecting

If you were around in the 90s, you probably remember the Beanie Baby craze. We all thought we needed to collect as many as possible because they would be worth big money years down the road. This line of thinking came primarily from trends we saw with other toys—plus, it was a tactical way of selling toys quickly and making a substantial profit in a short period of time. Of the following toys that are worth collecting, some have been collectors’ items for decades, whereas others are new to the enthusiast’s demand list.

Toys That Are Worth Collecting

Pez Dispensers

You can find Pez dispensers in most candy aisles. They’ve never been hard to come by, and they’ve been items to collect for many years. However, some dispensers are rarer than others, making them highly valued by hobbyists and collectors. The Astronaut B is often named the most valuable of all Pez dispensers. Originally created for the 1982 World’s Fair, it’s now valued at a couple thousand dollars.


Hot Wheels

Many children have Hot Wheels cars. These are another item that, though easily found, has different models that are in high demand. The rarest and most popular Hot Wheels car was only a prototype. It was a rear-loading pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb that sold for $125,000 at auction. Collectors seek several other car models for several thousand dollars. With these toys, it’s all about having the rare models to make the big bucks.


Action Figures

Actions figures come in many forms. The first toys to go by this name were G.I. Joes, which were first introduced in 1964. Since then, there’s been a myriad of miniature figures ranging from movie, TV show, video game, book characters, and historical figures to mini replicas of animals and machines. Adult collectors—not just children—often pursue these items. Action figures can be used to tell a story, complete a collection, or further explore anatomical or physical characteristics.

There are many toys that are worth collecting from our childhoods and even before that. Try delving deeper into what’s considered a collectable—you may be surprised, and you may also see some familiar items. Who knows; you could find something stowed away in your basement that’s worth money!

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