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You Can Now Recycle Your Old Or Broken Toys Through Hasbro Toy Recycling

Do you have some old or broken toys lying around?  I mean, yes some toys can become broken or quit working.  If you have toys that no longer work, there is now a way to have them properly recycled.  Hasbro has launched the Hasbro Toy Recycling Pilot Program.  The new, industry-leading, toy and game recycling pilot program is with TerraCycle, a global leader in product recycling.  During the pilot program, consumers can collect and send their well-loved Hasbro toys and games to TerraCycle, who will recycle them into materials that can be used in the construction of play spaces, flower pots, park benches, and other innovative uses.  In 2018, Hasbro is piloting the program in the contiguous U.S.

In honor of Earth Day, consumers in the contiguous U.S. can visit to sign up for the free recycling pilot program starting on April 16, 2018.  Once participants sign up, they can collect and box up their toys and games, print out a free shipping label and send their box to TerraCycle, who will sort and recycle the products.  The pilot program is open to all Hasbro toys and games, including face-to-face games, plastic and electronic toys, action figures, dolls, plush, and more.

Also from the official announcement.  This program builds upon Hasbro’s longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability. Through Hasbro’s Sustainability Center of Excellence, the Company strives to reduce its carbon footprint and continuously improve its environmental performance across every aspect of its business.  Hasbro focuses its environmental efforts in three key areas: reducing the environmental impacts of products and packaging, partnering with vendors to source and distribute Hasbro products in an environmentally conscious way, and minimizing the environmental footprint of operations.

For example, earlier this year, Hasbro announced that it will begin using plant-based bio-polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for blister packs and plastic windows in its product packaging starting in 2019.  This step is one of many advancements the Company has made to enhance the sustainability of its packaging over the past decade.  Additional actions include eliminating wire ties in 2010, replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with PET in 2013, and achieving 90 percent recycled or sustainably-sourced paper for packaging and in-box content in 2015.  In 2017, Hasbro adopted How2Recycle® labeling on packaging for U.S. and Canada, which helps to provide clear on-package recycling guidance to consumers.

Hasbro uses 100 percent renewable energy and is carbon neutral across its U.S. operations, and has achieved 99 percent across all global operations. In addition, the Company is pursuing a set of ambitious environmental goals for 2025 across its owned/operated facilities (based on a 2015 baseline year), including:

  • Reduce waste to landfill by 50 percent;
  • Reduce water consumption by 15 percent;
  • Reduce energy consumption by 20 percent; and
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20 percent.

This is exciting!  If you want to participate or learn more, go to:

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