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Why I Support Target’s New Gender Neutral Policy


This story has had many people talking this week, and unlike those on the tea party sweet tea drinkers right who say boys should act like boys and girls should act like girls, I applaud what Target is doing, and I think other retailers should follow suit!  Traditionally in the toy store, boy stuff like action figures and toy cars are on one side, and girl stuff like dolls and stuffed animals are on the other side.  Neutral toys like games, books, and bikes are in the middle.  Now, Target is removing the barriers to gender based toys.  Gender labels on toys, games, and other toy products will be gone!  The colors of blue and pink will also disappear, unless it’s on toy package of course!

And the split apart boy and girl toy sections will no longer be separated and will come together.  Target is going gender neutral and ending gender roles, it’s a wonderful thing!  I mean, more and more kids are discovering that they are transgender.  And instead of having several people on the tea party right telling them to accept their gender, even if they don’t like that.  Target is telling those that are transgender that it’s okay.  If you are a boy, it’s okay to play with girls toys.  And if you are a girl, it’s okay to play with boy toys.  Telling people to just “conform” to their sex, even if they don’t like it, just increases doubts about that person.

Heck, some transgender people have committed suicide because of others bullying them.   And these days, toys based on genders should not be separated just because it’s for boys or girls.  Girls are enjoying more boy toys like superhero action figures.  You would be amazed at the number of girls who love the geeky heroes from Marvel and DC Comics.  And as for the boys, they are enjoying more girl toys, especially those from My Little Pony.  Heck, there are grown men and women who enjoy My Little Pony, mostly thanks to the TV series.  Our culture has become more accepting to those who are transgender, and Target sees this.

For those, especially those who say people should just accept their gender role, even if they feel like they are the wrong sex, needs a wakeup call!  People need to accept that there are some people who are transgender.  Target sees that people who are transgender needs to be accepted in their stores.  And they also see that more kids are not sticking to their gender roles when it comes to the toys their parents buy for them.  Thanks to the geek and nerd culture, it’s okay for boys to play with girl toys.  And it’s okay for girls to play with boy toys.  Thank you Target for ending the gender based toy aisles; you are setting a great example for other retailers.  Come on Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us, follow Target’s lead!

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