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Geek Alabama Pets: Why Won’t Anyone Adopt This Retriever

This is Geek Alabama Pets.  Each week, we will feature an interesting video or post featuring people’s pets, animals, and interesting creatures!

He’s only 11 months old and has been returned twice so YouTuber Rocky Kanaka is going to take him to the ocean for the first time, we are going to get puppuccinos and more on his very special Dog’s Day Out.  Rockstar is a golden retriever / labrador retriever that needs his forever home.

He has been returned twice because both families said they were not ready for a dog with energy. But most puppies his size want to run and play! So I am going to work with him and the awesome Rancho Coastal Humane Society team to set some boundaries, work on some dog training and then take him to see the ocean for his very first time.  Enjoy below!

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