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Animated Videos Versus Live Videos – Why You Should Consider Them

With video becoming such a vital part of companies’ digital marketing efforts, it is important that your firm considers its approach to this type of media.

With over 50% of internet users consuming video, now is as good a time as any to think about creating your firm’s first video. It can be an easy and cheap way of bringing your firm’s value to life, and letting potential customers know about how you can help them.


What type of video to start with?

Even when you have decided to go ahead and produce videos, choosing how and where to start with your video can be one of the most challenging aspects. What selling points do you want to draw out, and which aspects of your products or services do you want to highlight?

It is important to keep videos short, so trying to inform your customers of every possible feature and benefit in one quickfire session is not the way forward.

There are two types of video that companies can use to get started; live or animated. Live video is filmed with real people and in specific settings designed to bring products and services to life. It has its benefits, but is obviously a more expensive and complicated option.


The benefits of animated video to your business

Animated video is a cheaper and simpler option for producing video, and you can produce them with your chosen agency from the comfort of your computer.

But it’s not all about convenience and price.  Animated videos lend themselves nicely to being short series of explainer clips that do not try and tell a potential customer everything at the same time. This content can be used in a series of videos across several weeks to expose potential customers to your brand and products on a ‘little and often’ basis.

Animated video also gives you a license to get creative! You can create situations and scenarios that would be impossible or hugely expensive to do with live video. Because of this, animated videos can be crafted to be a lot more engaging with your prospects.

Another advantage animated videos have over live video is that they are simpler, and can be made to focus more on the customer than about you. This is an important consideration, and can bring the benefits of your product to life with your customers.


Reflecting your brand in a positive way

Animated video can also be harnessed as an extremely positive way to reflect your brand. You can use it to inform customers and potential customers about how diverse your company is, what skills your team can bring to the customer, and your approach to solving problems.

Voiceovers can also help by having the focus on the words rather than the person speaking. And instead of one person only reflecting your brand, you can use a series of animated characters to appeal to different types of potential buyer.

The great variety of animation styles on offer can also be used to your advantage. The sky is the limit, and it is all about finding the right animated video production agency.

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