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Animation Monday: The Lyosacks

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This week on Animation Monday, let’s profile a YouTube channel that is doing some wonderful animated videos!  Alvaro Calmet is the person behind The Lyosacks  This series is about a band (even thought they play like once a year) formed by three friends: Alec Lynch, the pianist; Ray Osbourne, the baterist; and Vince Ackerman, the guitarist.  Their adventures go from fighting zombies on Halloween to robbing a mythical guitar pick; from fighting with robots to playing on concerts.  It’s all possible on “The Lyosacks” world!  All of the videos are made from Peru, and their most popular video is this one featuring a Nazi Zombie Movie!

In fact, their two next most popular videos are parts 2 and 3 of Nazi Zombie Movie!

Another popular video is their movie called The SlenderMan.

And their Five Nights At Freddy’s animated videos are catching on!

Need to know how The Lyosacks were created, here you go!

And here is the channel trailer!

If you love some crazy animated cartoons, then subscribe to The Lyosacks at:

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