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What Women Say About Their Man’s Grooming Habits

As women, we pay attention to detail. That’s our thing, and we also are big on grooming habits, and we notice when men are falling behind on their own preening routines. There are some major turn-offs that a lot of women observe whether the guy is a stranger or a partner. If you really want the dope on it, then keep reading along. Here is the female perspective on their man’s grooming habits.

Clean Fingernails

Most ladies appreciate a hard-working man and expect that a little dirt never hurt anyone, but what many chicks can’t stand are grimy fingernails and those that need a clipping or filing.

Long nails don’t enhance the attractiveness of any male hands. A man doesn’t have to step into a nail salon for a manicure, but he should believe in men’s nail-care and remove the dirt from under his fingernails.

Clean hands mean that you care about your image and how you present yourself to the public.

By the way, short clean toenails also matter.

Neat Facial Hair

No one likes the feeling of a scruffy beard and/or mustache, and many women find men’s facial hair to be quite sexy and masculine when it’s neatly cared for. Ladies expect their guy to have a kit of exceptional men’s grooming products to maintain a well-polished beard with a sharp razor to make that clean shave where necessary and a pair of fine miniature scissors to snip the scruffy ends away and keep the whiskers in check.

In other words, wizard beards are overgrown beards that usually, only Santa Claus can get away with.

Sexy Body Scent

No, a man doesn’t have to spend hours in the shower and hogging the bathroom, but women appreciate a gentleman that smells good and has soft smooth skin. We don’t want you stealing our chick products because there are plenty of amazing soaps, shampoos and conditioners developed just for males.

There are incredible bar soaps for men available that keep acne away, exfoliate, hydrate the skin, etc. Like women, men have tons of options when it comes to cleansing formulas that create a great lather for a good scrub. Minty, woodsy, and citrusy are just a few soap fragrances that smell heavenly.

No Nose/No Ear Hair

One company did a women’s survey on the type of male body grooming that females find attractive in their partner. Three hundred women participated in the study, and the number one find is this one:

Nose and ear hair is by far the number one most important area of grooming for a man to maintain. The women researched said that nose and ear hair should never be neglected and should always be a top priority, so clip away, trim or pluck, gentlemen.

Fresh Breath/Clean Mouth

No one desires bad breath, and it can happen to men and women. Most females list fresh breath and a clean mouth as good grooming habits for their partner.

Brushing the teeth twice daily and flossing will eliminate these issues, and if mouthwash is needed, then all the better.

Soft, Smooth Lips

Many men expect women to always have soft, kissable lips, but women feel the same about their men. Let’s be honest. Our lips require tender loving care because of their anatomical structure. The lips lack oil glands and are vulnerable to dryness and chapping year-round.

The lips can even burn and blister under very hot sun and temperatures. That is why a lip balm is a must-have for every man. No one wants to touch cracked lips that feel like sandpaper.

A Clean Manscape

This can be a sensitive topic for both men and women, but when it comes to the guys and how they look down there south of the border, most women prefer that a man maintain good cleanliness and use a trimmer to remove stray pubic hair.

A little personal grooming never hurt anyone, and women have been carefully tending to this beauty routine for centuries. Today’s modern male also needs consistent man grooming habits that keep him looking great from head to toe. Trust us, as women, we appreciate the effort, gentlemen.

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