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How To Give A Personalized Gift This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is more about giving than receiving. Unfortunately, deciding exactly what to give your loved ones for Christmas can sometimes be quite difficult. In regards to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. While a generic gift will meet those criteria, you should put a bit more thought into your gift-giving. Instead, aim for more personalized gifts that show you actually care. Below are a few strategies for giving more personalized gifts this holiday season.

Make a Handmade Gift

You can’t get much more personalized than a one of a kind handmade gift that was created specifically for the person you’re giving it to. According to statistics, 47.6 percent of people want to give homemade gifts. This will be a much easier task if you do have particular talents or hobbies. If you enjoy quilting, of course, a handmade quilt with patchwork that reflects that person’s family or personality would be an excellent choice.

Other people, however, may not be so talented. If you want to make a handmade gift, make sure you put serious effort into the design and the quality of the end product. If you don’t, the results can be hideously bad and may not go over like you would have hoped.


Give a Gift That Reflects a Person’s Cultural Heritage

Another way to give a gift that is more personalized in nature is to buy something that reflects a person’s cultural or ethnic heritage. For example, if you have a German grandmother, an excellent choice would be cuckoo clocks. These clocks are fanciful and covered in minute handmade details.

Many of them even have animated components that move. Such a fun gift is sure to go over well. However, also keep in mind that you should know a person rather well before giving them a cultural-based gift. You don’t want to cause offense or misunderstandings.


Integrate Photography Into Your Gifts

Another way to personalize a gift is to integrate your own photography into it. If you are looking for something to give your parents, for example, integrating photographs of them with their grandkids into certain gifts can certainly go over very well. For example, you could use a website that allows you to print out images on Christmas ornaments.

Any grandparent would certainly love to have Christmas ornaments of their grandchildren to hang up during the holidays. There are many other items you can add images to as well through a plethora of different online stores.


Bake or Cook Your Gift

Everyone loves food and sweets. If you want to create a personalized gift for someone, making their favorites can certainly go a long way. However, keep in mind that some people view homemade food gifts as a cheap gift-giving option despite the effort required. Solve this issue by going the extra mile in regards to supplying attractive packaging and other extras that can show you put some thought into it.

Instead of just giving someone cookies, for example, make them a gift basket filled with an array of different homemade baked goods. There are many other choices as well especially if you have food-based hobbies. Your own homemade jerky, sausages, or beer, for example, could be a great gift for a male loved one.


Add Personalized Text to Your Gift

Lastly, another option is to add personalized text to a gift. This is the most common form of gift personalization there is. However, you shouldn’t just scribble something on the gift yourself. Instead, it should be added directly by the manufacturer or retailer in question so it looks as professional as possible.

If you are giving someone a piece of jewelry, you could pay to have a message inscribed directly on the gold or silver. As for gifts for children, using online stores that allow you to inscribe the name of a child directly on a toy can certainly help enhance a gift. Adding a person’s initials to a gift can be a more subtle way to personalize a gift for an adult. You could also include nicknames, inside jokes, or any other text that would be relevant to one of your loved ones.

Overall, put a lot of thought into the gifts you give to your friends and family. While lazy gifts are certainly easy to give, it’s always better to give a gift that has more thought put into it. Consider the options above as well as others for making sure the gifts you give to have a much more personal aspect to them.

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