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Mobile Vs Console Gaming: Which Comes Out On Top

Technology moves on at a rapid pace, and in the worlds of mobile and console gaming, we are seeing some stunning titles hitting our favorite devices. Console gamers are currently benefiting from the stunning God of War 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, while mobile gamers have the latest Final Fantasy title to download onto their smart devices, which you can download right now at There really has been no better time than now to be a gamer, no matter what console or device you are using. But which platform is in the lead?

Well, if you’re a gaming geek, you probably have every device available anyway, including those games consoles from days past. Anybody remember the Sega Dreamcast? Much beloved and sorely underrated. Yet there are those who say console gaming is dying out. Thanks to the latest technology inherent in our phone and tablet devices, we can get (near) console-quality gaming in the palm of our hands. Games are cheaper too. But is this the full picture? While mobile phone games are improving graphically, they still can’t fully replicate the graphical power that is pumping today’s consoles, especially with the latest in 4K technology. There is nothing quite like playing Skyrim or Far Cry 5 on a huge tv screen, with picture-perfect high-resolution images sucking you into these immersive worlds. Mobile games don’t yet have the capacity for full-on multiplayer gaming, either, so don’t bargain on epic Call of Duty battle scenes with your mates just yet when you’re playing on your IOS or Android devices.

Despite the graphical grunt of gaming consoles (and not forgetting PC’s), in 2017 mobile game revenue finally surpassed that of their video gaming brethren. Nearly everybody owns a smartphone these days, and gaming has gone beyond the niche market of yesteryear. Heck, even your mom and granny are probably playing Candy Crush or Crossy Road right now, incredibly addictive games that have been geared towards the burgeoning casual market. There is a huge range of mobile games too, far surpassing console titles, and they are often cross-compatible between models – you can’t always say that about Sony and Microsoft in their war on gamers wallets. Smartphones are also capitalising on the latest gaming trends within VR, with some ace titles that are more affordable than those games (as good as they are) on their console counterparts.

So, which platform comes out on top? Are video game consoles dying out in favour of the smart devices that you are probably clutching in your hands right now? No, of course not. As we said earlier, there are advantages in console gaming that are not available on your smaller screens. Sony has already announced the PlayStation 5, so console gamers have nothing to worry about just yet. However, mobile gaming is likely to dominate the sales charts, mainly because our smaller devices are in hands of the masses, for gamers and non-gamers alike. In the end, it doesn’t matter which platform comes out on top, because it is us, the dedicated gamer who comes out on top instead. We have the best of both worlds, whether we’re playing Injustice 2 on the bus on the way home, or playing that very same title on our huge 4K screens at home. So, enjoy your games, and don’t worry about the naysayers who argue one platform against another. In the end, everybody wins. As of today, there is no game over for either side.

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