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Science Mondays: How 100 Billion Cranberries Are Harvested In 6 Weeks

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means many will be eating cranberry sauce.  Business Insider went to see how cranberries are harvested.  Starting in mid-September, Ocean Spray farmers across the Northeast start hustling to harvest 100 billion cranberries in just six weeks. But just as harvest was beginning this year, a TikTok featuring a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-raspberry juice went viral.

Soon, retailers struggled to keep cranberry juice on shelves as millions recreated the video. For Ocean Spray, the sudden demand made a rushed harvest even harder. The company had to hire seasonal employees and increase production. Business Insider visited a Massachusetts bog and manufacturing facility to see how the company’s handling demand, harvest, a pandemic, and an upcoming holiday season all at once.

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