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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Really Karen? Party Board Game

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

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Really Karen? is a creation from Mike Matsinger and the team at World Tavern Entertainment (an industry leader in the Bar Entertainment industry).

As Mike tells the story, “I was in a local grocery store and this woman was just being a completely entitled b$%ch. It drove me crazy, but I kept my mouth shut. The next morning I woke with the notion that we need to expose these Karens, and a hilarious party game is exactly what the world needs right now!”

Really Karen? gives you the chance to live a day in the life of a ‘Karen’ as you argue your way through town – getting managers fired, collecting Victory Tokens, and ultimately, being the first ‘Karen’ to arrive back home with all four tokens to win the game!

We hope you will support the cause to expose the Karens of the world! Thank you for checking out our campaign.

As of October 12th, this project has raised $3,000 of their $10,000 goal. This project has 24 days left to raise the $10,000 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $30, you will get one game.  For a pledge of $40, you will get one game and sticker.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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