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Foodie Saturdays: You Should Subscribe To The Food Theorists YouTube Channel

MatPat started a new YouTube channel!  Called The Food Theorists, it’s where brain food is always on the menu! Are you ready to debunk food’s greatest myths?  Does using science to save money at your favorite restaurants sound appetizing to you?  Then you are in for a treat!  From the best hacks for your McDonald’s fast food order to the dark history of food mascots, they cover it all!  Get ready to take a big bite out of food’s greatest mysteries.

To launch the new YouTube channel, here are five new videos!  The first one is about ordering fast-food fries and which place gives you the best value for the size.

The next video is about how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Next, is the Kool-Aid man a part of the Marvel Universe?

Next, why following the directions of a box cake mix is the wrong move.

And finally, why you keep getting scammed at a supermarket, enjoy below!

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