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Creating Your Dream Gaming Battlestation On A Budget

There are loads of sites around the web that are dedicated to letting people show off their awesome computer Battlestations. You can find setups with studio-grade speakers, powerful RGB lighting, and chairs that would blow your mind, but it can often feel as though these things are out of reach when it comes to the computer you use.


To help you out with this, this post will be exploring your gaming Battlestation, giving you everything you need to start improving it without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Establishing Your Priorities

Before you can start hunting around for new things to buy, it will always be worth establishing your priorities to make sure that you’re putting the right resources into the most important things. You should think about everything that will go into building your dream setup, making a list with the most crucial components at the very top. You can see an example of this below, though it’s worth making sure that you’ve thought about how each of these elements will play into your life.

  • The Computer: For most people, the computer will be the most crucial element of their gaming Battlestation, and this means that this will probably sit at the top of your list. There are loads of ways to improve this part of your setup without spending a fortune.
  • The Monitors: People often ignore their monitor, but this can make a huge difference to your experience at your computer, with better monitors often improving a user’s productivity.
  • The Furniture: The furniture you use with your computer will shape the experience you have with this machine, and this makes it important to most people who are looking for ways to improve their setup.
  • The Mouse & Keyboard: Like the monitor you use, the mouse and keyboard on your desk will also make a big difference to your computing experience.
  • Other Peripherals: Most people have their own set of peripherals that they like to use, though these won’t be as important as the keyboard and mouse.
  • Speakers & Headphones: Audio is a big part of the computer experience, and this means that you will probably want a set of speakers or a pair of headphones that can provide high-quality audio.

This list may not be the same for you and your setup, and it’s worth making sure that you choose an order that works for your needs. You can find a detailed section for each of the areas above, giving you the chance to start working on cost-effective ways to achieve your dream Battlestation.

The Computer

The computer in your setup is one of the hardest elements to fit into a low budget. Gaming computers need to be very powerful to be able to run the latest games on high settings, making it worth spending some time learning about this before you buy your machine. Building a computer on your own will be a challenge, but there are loads of guides around the web that can help you with this. Whether you want to buy a pre-built or are happy to build your own PC, though, following the route below will make it much easier.

The first stage of this process is going to involve identifying the computers and hardware configurations that match your budget. Looking at the offerings available from computer retailers is a good way to do this, but this won’t be the end of your work. Websites like enable you to test and compare the hardware configurations you’re able to find online, giving you a clear idea of what each machine is worth. This will leave you with a choice; buy the pre-built or use the hardware you’ve found to build your own. DIY options tend to be cheaper.

The Monitors

It’s all too easy to neglect something like a monitor when you’re looking for ways to improve your setup, but this can have a huge impact on your experience at the computer. Different types of games will benefit from different monitor features. For example, first-person shooters are best played with monitors that have high refresh rates (144/240Hz) and low response times, but a 2D platformer will look best on a monitor with a super-high resolution. Most people have to make a compromise or two at this point to get all of the features they want, especially if you’re interested in ultrawide or curved options.

The Furniture

Next up, it’s time to start thinking about the furniture you’ll be using with your computer. This area is more important than you might think, and it can end up shaping the experience you have at your desk just as much as the computer itself. Alongside thinking about the furniture you like the look of, you also need to consider its functionality and how this will impact your setup.

  • Desks: There are loads of different types of desks on the market, but you won’t need to spend a fortune to get good features. Getting desks that can lift themselves up, let you build your PC inside them, or have other luxury features won’t impact your setup as much as having a desk with enough space and somewhere to hide your cables.
  • Chairs: Long gaming sessions need to be comfortable, and your chair will be one of the biggest deciding factors in how you feel at your PC. Companies like offer gaming chairs that will be perfect for days spent at the computer, with long-term comfort and proper support only being available when you’re willing to spend a little extra.

There is probably going to be other furniture around your setup, but this won’t be as important as your desk and chair. Of course, looking at secondhand options for items like this will make the whole thing much cheaper.

The Mouse & Keyboard

People often suggest that a mouse and keyboard can make you a better gamer. While high DPI mice can give you a bit of an advantage in extremely fast games, it’s unlikely to be the element that is holding you back. This makes the peripherals you choose less crucial than many people expect. As long as you have a comfortable mouse and keyboard that you enjoy using, you should be able to make the most of the games you play. If you decide to invest in an expensive mouse or keyboard, it will be worth finding a way to try it before you buy it.

Other Peripherals

Microphones, printers, and even external drive bays are very common nowadays, with loads of people having these other peripherals to go along with their setup. Of course, though, these are fairly minor compared to the rest of your setup, and can often be ignored until you’ve gotten your hands on everything else.

Speakers & Headphones

Finally, as the last piece of your setup to consider, it’s time to think about speakers and headphones. Being able to listen to the games you play will be crucial, and you’ll probably want to talk to friends as you play. This makes headphones just about essential for any gaming setup, as your microphone will pick up sound that comes through your speakers. There are loads of budget headphones on the market, and sites like WhatHifi can help you to find options that will work well for your budget.

Building The Setup

The way that you build your setup will have a dramatic impact on the way that it looks and feels. It’s worth taking the time to plan this out before you start, enabling you to add elements in order of how important they are. Many people choose to start this process with cable management, as this will be much easier to handle before your desk is covered with heavy and fragile items. Once you’ve done the cables, you can think about adding the larger items to your desk, beginning with those that won’t get in the way of other items.

Building your perfect gaming Battlestation can take huge amounts of work, especially when you’re working on a budget. Of course, though, this time will often be well worth it, providing you with the means to enjoy your computer like never before. Gone are the days of uncomfortable gaming when you put this sort of effort into your setup.

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