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The Evening Post: The Only XFL Championship Was Also The Worst

We know, the XFL is about to comeback starting next week, so let’s hope this new version of the XFL is WAY better than the 2001 version of the XFL.   The XFL Million Dollar Game was so bad that they never played again.  Well, the league got cancelled for other reasons, but the point stands.  Rarely did it actually resemble football.  Anything “good” was thanks to something far worse.  And honestly, it’s what the XFL deserved.

A poorly thought out, unnecessarily reckless league pitted the Los Angeles Xtreme against the San Francisco Demons.  It quickly became clear these teams didn’t belong on the same field, and was over as soon as it started.  Thankfully, they played the whole 60 minutes so I could watch that for you and paint a picture of how terrible it was.  Enjoy the video from SB Nation below.

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