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Crowdsourcing Mornings: LITTA | Solar-Powered Bike Light

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Single-use lights seem easy and cheap, but they are not user-friendly and break down quickly, leaving you in the dark. All these broken bike lights cost money and time, and have their impact on our beloved mother earth.

Litta is a sustainable bike light that is designed to last. It has a tough housing and the electronics have a waterproof coating.  Litta is equipped with a small but effective solar panel that charges the integrated batteries every minute your bike is outside, even when it is cloudy.

Litta is mounted permanently to your bike with a theft-proof tie-wrap connection. In this way, you can leave Litta on your bike without being afraid of your lights being stolen.  Being visible from the side is just as important as being visible from the front. That is why Litta has a big lens that lights up brightly in all directions.

Litta has been tested extensively in Amsterdam, with a limited series of 40 prototypes that were handed out to participants. All participants agreed: Litta is a bike light that is worth manufacturing. They especially valued the automatic on/off functionality a lot. Testers described Litta as a friend who said ‘hello you!’ – because it turns on immediately when you grab your bike.

As of January 30th, this project has raised $9,000 of their $66,099 goal. This project has 37 days left to raise the $66,099 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $21, you will get one Litta front light.  For a pledge of $34, you will get one Litta front and back light.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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