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Roadscapes Wednesday: Preparing To Raise The 11foot8 Bridge

The internet loves the 11foot8 Bridge that is located in North Carolina.  A person runs a YouTube channel that documents trucks that are overheight and crashes into the bridge.  Crashes like this one below are just too cool to watch!

But, some of the crashes will now end.  The state is raising the bridge to 12′-4”.  It’s only a small increase, but this small increase will cut down on the number of trucks crashing into the bridge.  The good news is the height will still be small and we will likely still see some trucks crashing into the bridge, but the number of crashes will likely go down.

Below, you see the owner of 11foot8 documenting the work happening at the bridge to raise its height.  Hopefully we will continue to see ignorant truck drivers be stupid and somehow crash into the bridge.

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