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Sign The Jacksonville State Petition Demanding To Fix The Old Buildings First

I find this outrageous, and many who go to Jacksonville State University finds this to be wrong.  The JSU Board of Trustees approved a new contract to build a $26 million dining hall and required $275 per semester commuter meal plan passed.  That’s right, if you live somewhere else and commute to Jacksonville State, you will soon be forced to pay for a meal plan, even if you don’t want it.

On top of the other fees already added on, like the fee for the student rec center, you can understand why students are beginning to get upset.  Let’s face it, soon there will be too many fees and this will price some students out of a college education because it’s too expensive.  And with the current student loan crisis, more fees is not a good solution.

On top of the extra fees, there are other buildings on the JSU campus that needs attention before new buildings are constructed.  A student from JSU started an online petition and it’s gaining a lot of signatures.  The petition has over 1,600 signatures as of this post being published.

The petition reads:

JSU Board of Trustees recently approved the multi million dollar dining hall and a required meal plan for commuter students. Here’s the thing: A tornado came through and destroyed, Mason Hall (music building) which freshman and sophomore music students have never stepped foot in, the nursing building that hasn’t even been touched for reconstruction which has led to nursing students taking classes in the library, and Merrill Hall (school of business) has just now began reconstruction after almost two years.

There is also the lack of parking that is already a problem at JSU. We understand that there are plans and funds set aside to rebuild the old buildings. But we don’t feel as though they are being made a priority. We are writing this petition to propose the creation more parking space, and to fix the buildings that have long been destroyed BEFORE the new dining hall. Fix the original stuff FIRST. Before starting a new project. Let the students have a voice in how our money is being spent. Don’t force a meal plan on students.

If you want to sign this petition, click the link at:

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