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See What I Got From ThinkGeek.Com Before It Closed Down as a website is no more.  The website got shut down and moved to GameStop, who will soon most likely meet its demise as well.  Because well, people are not buying physical games as much as they used too.  Many are now buying their games online from sites like Steam, I do this as well!

Anyways, before the ThinkGeek website kicked the bucket, they had a moving sale and I got two things to make my apartment more geek friendly.  The first thing I got was a Super Mario Brothers question mark lamp.  It really does look like the question mark block from the video games!

I also got this Fallout figurine featuring the German Shepard dog Dogmeat.  It looks very real, and this is the closest I will ever get to owning a dog since owning a real dog is not allowed where I live.

It’s a shame that the ThinkGeek website closed down.  Yes, there are still some ThinkGeek like stuff on the GameStop website, but it’s not the same.  Soon, GameStop will most likely be no more anyways, it’s such a shame.

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