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The Sad, Terrible, Horrifying News From The Auburn Tigers, Rod Bramblett Is Dead

This Memorial Day Weekend just plain sucks now.  From this horrible heat wave that is keeping me inside in front of the A/C.  And now, this terrible news from Auburn.  Rod Bramblett, the “Voice of the Auburn Tigers,” and his wife Paula both died from their injuries in a tragic two-vehicle accident Saturday evening in Auburn.

The accident occurred at Shug Jordan Parkway (AL-147) and West Samford Avenue.  The Bramblett’s were driving in their SUV when a SUV driven by a 16-year-old collided.  Paula Bramblett died soon after the accident.  Rod Bramblett was airlifted to UAB but soon died from his injuries.

Rod Bramblett has had a great career being the Voice of the Auburn Tigers.  His most famous call was during the 2013 Iron Bowl in what is called the Kick Six.

The 2013 Georgia vs. Auburn game also had the famous Miracle at Jordan Hare call.

Rod Bramblett’s final call was during the LSU vs. Auburn game at the SEC Baseball Tournament.

Just terrible news.  Rest in peace Rod and Paula Bramblett.


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