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Money Worries: Managing Your Cash Flow After An Accident

Life can have a way of kicking us when we’re down sometimes. One minute things are going well, and the next minute we’re thrown an absolute curve ball. No one ever plans or even expects to experience a life changing injury, but sometimes it can happen leaving you wondering what to do next. If you’ve ended up in this position, here’s what you need to do.

Claim compensation

If you were in an accident that was the fault of someone else or due to negligence, you could be owed compensation. This can be incredibly useful when you’re recovering from an injury and are out of work for a period of time as it can prevent you from falling behind with things like bills, rent or mortgage payments. Find a lawyer that specializes in the kind of accident you’ve had, it could be anything from truck accident lawyers to an aviation law firm or a company that deals with criminal law. They’ll have plenty of experience in cases like yours meaning you have more chance of getting the money you’re owed.

Make sure you’re getting the money you’re entitled to

When you become ill or injured and are unable to work, there’s often some form of government help available. This will depend on the country you live, your circumstances and also factors like whether you have savings, property or other assets. But be sure to look into it, find out what sick or disability benefits are available to you. You might also have these available from your employer too. Again, this can be helpful during a time that you’re not able to work.

Consider working from home

Even if you’re entitled to some form of assistance with money, it’s unlikely to be as much as your regular wage. This can leave you short each month which can lead to money issues in the long term. If you’re up to it, working from home could be the answer. You don’t need to leave the house which is useful if you have a disability or injury making it difficult to get around. It’s also more flexible than regular workplace employment meaning you can fit it around hospital appointments and also any mental health issues you might experience as a result of the accident. If you have days where you’re struggling getting things done, you’re able to make up the time later in the week. See if your current employer can offer you a home based position, or take on a side hustle like freelance writing or blogging to boost your monthly income.

Create a new budget

If you’re having to manage on less money, it makes sense to create a new budget based on this. You’ll need to find ways to reduce your outgoings, save money on bills and other expenses so that you’re able to get by on the amount you have coming in. This prevents you from falling into debt and getting into trouble further with money.

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