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Good News Fridays: New Birmingham Barons 7th Inning Stretch Tradition

For the past few years now, the Birmingham Barons have been playing baseball in downtown Birmingham at Regions Field.  The field is in the middle of downtown near Railroad Park, and you can see all of the highrise buildings in downtown including Children’s of Alabama.  The hospital has a viewing area on the top floors where kids can see the baseball games, and the fireworks on Friday night home games.

Someone from the Birmingham Barons got the wonderful idea to start a new tradition, and it’s modeled after what is done at the Iowa Football games.  At the end of the first quarter, fans and players wave to the children at the nearby children’s hospital.

Now, the Birmingham Barons have a new tradition where fans can wave to the children at Children’s of Alabama during the seventh inning stretch.  This is a wonderful addition, and I’m sure the kids, families, and staff at the hospital love to see random people waving at them!  I hope the Barons will keep this tradition!

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