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Video From The 3-14-19 Alabama Tornado Event

Last Thursday, Alabama saw over 10 tornadoes across the central and northern part of the state.  Many were either ranked as a EF-0 or EF-1, although the strongest was a EF-2.  Below […]

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Pictures And Video From The March 3, 2019 Alabama Tornadoes

Last Sunday, a tornado outbreak occurred across Alabama and Georgia.  Multiple tornadoes caused damage in numerous towns.  But, the strongest and worst tornado of the day occurred in Lee County, Alabama.  The […]

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Pictures And Video From The 1-19-2019 Wetumpka, Alabama Tornado

On Saturday, January 19th, a significant tornado tore through the center of Wetumpka, Alabama.  The tornado in my opinion after looking at the damage pictures will likely be rated around the EF-2 to EF-3 […]

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Pictures And Video From The 8-31-17 Alabama Tornado Outbreak

On August 31st, the remnants from Hurricane Harvey, which was going through Mississippi, caused spiral bands to come across Alabama.  Some storms in these spiral bands caused tornadoes.  There were several tornadoes […]

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Incredible Videos And Pictures From The 2014 Nebraska Tornado Outbreak

What a day in weather.  Today, a major tornado outbreak occurred in Nebraska.  Twin tornadoes struck the town of Pilger Nebraska.  And the damage was extensive!  So below, here are some of […]

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