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Animation Monday: United Kingdom Banned Christmas TV Ad

We are getting close to the Christmas season, and that means plenty of Christmas related TV ads.  A supermarket chain in the United Kingdom called Iceland made a Christmas TV ad deemed too political.  And the reason why, because Iceland has pledged to longer use palm oil in its products.  With more products using palm oil in products, it’s causing severe environmental damage.  And this ad tells the story of why we should not be using palm oil by using an orangutan.  Homes where orangutans live are being destroyed for palm oil.

Iceland has said no more palm oil in its products until people quit destroying the rainforest, and this is something you should do as well.  Palm oil is a product that can be found in everything from shampoos and detergents to sandwiches and biscuits.  It’s one of the most environmentally damaging industries, and each day 25 orangutans are killed. It’s production wipes out rainforests and wildlife, driving animals like the orangutan into extinction.

The body that stopped the advert being broadcasted, Clearcast, say that the ad breaches it’s political rules. The ad holds an important message – one that is emotional, touching and helps to spread a message about saving the environment and so must be broadcasted.  Please watch the ad below, and sign the petition on to have this ban overturned!

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